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Sew What?

July 26, 2015

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Sewing. You might think it’s boring and hard, but sew what? But just in case, here are the basics:

When you have a hole in fabric or in clothing, and you don’t know how to sew it in, you came to the right place to know the basics.

Sewing Needles

1- Grab the supplies. You would need is a needle with a hole, the same colored thread as the fabric you will sew in. You can buy it at Ac Moore or Wal-Mart

2- The thread can be hard to put through the needle, so put the end of the thread in your mouth and suck on it a little bit and attempt to put it through the hole in the needle. If all else fails, suck on the thread more and focus more carefully

3- After you put the thread though the needle, tie a little knot (or double knot just in case) to keep the thread on the end of the needle hole so it doesn’t fall out when you sew in the clothing

4- Hold the hole shut with your thumb and pointer finger

5- Put the sharp part of the needle through the two parts of the hole

6- Where the needle is, put it through the side it was on to the other side

7- Repeat step 6 until you come to the end

8- If the knot on the needle unties, tie it again more securely

9- When you come to the end, tie a knot at the end with the only strand left

10- Cut the end of the thread you used at the beginning long enough to tie a knot or two

11- Enjoy your new piece of fabric!

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