Cloud Coverage

July 31, 2015

       BOOM! That was a thunder clap! What caused it? Clouds of course! There are many different types of clouds that sometimes say obvious signs and sometimes say not so obvious signs.
Stratocumulus Clods
Stratocumulus Clouds
Low, lumpy clouds. He looks more threatening than he is; probably won’t bring rain
Cirrostraus Clouds
Cirrostratus Clouds
These guys consist of ice crystals and can form halos around the sun or moon.
Cirrus Clouds
Cirrus Clouds
Thin and wispy clouds; usually move from west to east and indicate fair weather; also known as Mare’s Tail
Altostratus Clouds
Altostratus Clouds
Appear at mid-level; color: blue or gray; sun or moon could shine through, but will look fuzzy; rain or snow coming; rain seldom falls from an Altostratus cloud
Altocumulus Clouds
Altocumulus Clouds
Gray patches with sharp edges; in the middle atmosphere; doesn’t indicate precipitation
Stratus Clouds
Stratus Clouds
Low cloud; vary from dark gray to white; can drizzle, freezing drizzle, or snow grains
Cumulus Clouds
Cumulus Cloud
Looks like cotton candy and balls of cotton!; white
Nimbostratus Clouds
Nimbostratus Cloud
Blocks the sun; dark; can precipitate but may be virga (evaporates before it reaches the ground)
Cumulonimbus Clouds
Cumulonimbus Cloud
Accompanied by smaller Cumulus clouds; most common a thunderstorm or intense precipitation
Cirrocumulus Clouds
Cirrocumulus Clouds
Small, rounded puffs that appear in long rows; usually white, but can be gray; rarely virga, could cross front so rain in about 10 hours; find him when wind changes direction
Watch for these wanted clouds and observed their actions and directions they move.

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