6 Ideas on how to Washi Tape Ordinary Items

March 26, 2016

Hey bloggers! I’m back and I have a treat for you! A diy treat to be more exact. These are 6 ideas on how to washi tape ordinary items.

Update: Click this to go to the second post in the washi tape series!

For all of these projects, make sure to have

Washi Tape

Scissors ✂️

The item you will washi tape

Cleared area


1: Phone Case

Ok, say you have a phone case that’s clear  (or embarrassing!) and you want to give it a makeover! If you don’t want to cover your whole phone, just make pretty designs like I did:

Sorry about the bad resolution because I took it from my iPod.

If you want to cover it whole, lay the tape out evenly, and let some extra tape hang iut over the sides (you’ll see how I do this in the next projects)

2: Paperclips

This project is pretty simple. Take about 2″ of washi tape, cut it and cut it in half vertically (depending on its width and how big the paperclip is) . Take one pice piece and wrap it along the top of the paperclip. Make sure both sides line up evenly so you won’t have to do extra cutting.
3: Chargers

4: Letters

I’ve seen the letter diys on Pinterest:

I’ve done something very similar to that. Take you tape and put it in a pattern on top of your letter.

Start cutting the tape from the edges of your letter. If you get stuck in an angled spot, put the scissors on top of the letter and angle them, depending on where the angle is.

Lift the tape and align it from its edge, and cut it.

I decided to do only one side.
5: Bookmark

For all you bookworms out there and love diys, this is a washi tape bookmark. Take two tapes about the same length (the color can be same or different) and tape them against eachother so the part that isn’t sticky is on the outside of the bookmark. For leftover tape that is longer then the other tape, cut it off.


6: Jar cap

To see how to do this, go to #4
Alright, these are just the basic uses of washi tape and I hope you found them useful!

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