Adventures in NYC Part 3

May 6, 2017

Hey Inquisitive writers! The reason I haven’t blogged recently is because my computer broke (my main blogging resource) and I also did not have the time to write the last post of the “Adventures in NYC” series. But, my computer is fixed now! Anyways, onto the post!


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Lower Manhattan has a different vibe to me than Midtown Manhattan. It has a more quiet feel to it. It’s called the Financial District, because it has many financial institutions, like Wall Street, banks, etc.

According to this map, we went to the Southern Tip, Wall Street, and the Two bridges. We took the car to Lower Manhattan because there is no bus station down there, like Grand Central Terminal or Port Authority, which are both in Midtown. I took pictures of Grand Central here.

The Brooklyn Bridge!


After some walking, we decided to stop by at Gregory’s Coffee. They have lots of locations in NYC, and have great coffee! You can get some sweet treats, sweet bread, and especially coffee! I ordered a mocha, and it was delish!

And the competitor right across the street!

Although Starbucks has more locations in NYC than Gregory’s (seriously on every street there was 4 Starbuck stores. Out of the whole day trip to Lower Manhattan I counted about 15) I feel like the baristas at Gregory’s made the coffee just for me. At Starbucks, it was so crowded that the baristas barely had enough time to personalize my drink. Oh, you can find out more about the location of the Gregory’s in the above picture here. More Gregory’s locations are here, also.

There are also these locations, called Public Spaces, which are spaces in which the public can go into during bad weather, or as a meeting place or something. They are typically large and empty. In some places, you can even get coffee!

We also stopped by TJMaxx! It looks different than the one we usually go to in NJ. It’s a little smaller, but has two floors. If you don’t know what TJMaxx is, it’s basically a small department store that sells clothing, jewelry, home decor, bath products, shoes, and many more amazing things!


Too high?

A little geometric.
What would you call this?


The Wall Street Bull. An artist named Arturo Di Modica created this bull because to him it represented manliness and bravery. You can read more about this here.

Nice flag garland over a restaurant.



I absolutely loved blogging about my Adventures in NYC series posts! As I said before, NYC is the greatest city in the entire world, and I loved sharing my tips and trips with you. Don’t forget to check out the first and second posts!

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