15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

August 19, 2017

Hey Inquisitive writers! So I’ve been posting a lot of blogging tips posts lately, I’ve decided to post something personal, which I haven’t done in quite a long time.

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1. Summer is my favored season

The hot sun, dry weather, beach days, summer nights.. is most definitely my jam.

2. I play the flute

Yes, I play a musical instrument. I mentioned it once before a long time ago on my blog. Once I did a solo concert.


3. I really love bread.

I don’t know why, but I really like bread products. Especially, fresh, soft, french bread. I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving bread.

4. My favorite scent is a cupcake/sweet scented candle

I really like sweet scents for some reason. I like the Pink Sugar perfume.


5. I like to grow out my nails – to the max

I have this pinky nail that’s a little over half an inch – which is not short at all. These nails of mine usually break accidentally – or I occasionally cut them because when I type it bothers me.

6. Caring for the Earth is a priority for me

If you don’t know that I love the Earth – you haven’t been reading my blog for a long time. I have some Earth posts down below ↓

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7. Pinterest is my favorite social media tool

It’s a search engine and a social media network. I feel like when I’m on Pinterest, I’m not wasting my time – like with other social media platforms. I can actually make recipes, DIYs, and more.

You can check out my Pinterest profile here.



8. Even though I love the Earth, I HATE camping

The bugs, the bears, the silence, I can’t take it! I’m always concerned about getting ticks or bugs. I even saw this funny Buzzfeed article that I could relate to so much, and you would ,too, if you hate camping.

9. I love creative fashion illustrations

I find these illustrations very original, and were created by very talented artists.

Especially the ones above ↑

10. Giraffes are my favorite animals

They’re so adorable! I love their fur pattern.

11. I build lego cities & tiny houses

Again, if you haven’t been reading my blog for a long time – you might not know that I make lego cities and tiny houses! If you don’t know what a tiny house is, it’s basically a house – under 500 sq ft. People decide to live there either because it’s in their budget, or they want to get more out of life – and be free of mortgages and lower their bills dramatically.

These are some of the images of my city & my tiny house.

12. My most favored movie is The Sound of Music

It’s such a classic – I love it! If you don’t know The Sound of Music ~ it’s basically based off of a true story ~ it’s basically a women named Maria becomes a governess for a house of many children. She brings music and joy into their uptight lives.


13. I really want to run through a field of flowers – any flowers

Maybe a field of sunflowers or poppies or tulips – any, really. I’m not quite sure why.


14. I have a small obsession with fairy gardens

As you might know now, I have an *obsession* with tiny things. Especially fairies, and gardens, and gardens for fairies.

15. My favorite time of day is sunrise, although I am not a morning person

I really am not. When I don’t have to wake up, I try to sleep in until 10 a.m. But sunrises are beautiful, though.


So, that’s all about me! If you want to know more about me, you can also check out my about me page. Can you relate to anything on the list?

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  1. I really enjoyed getting to know more about you. I personally, haven’t been camping but I can’t imagine how it would feel. And the sound of music is truly a classic, I wish they would make more movies like those nowadays.

    1. I feel like that with music, movies, and tv shows. Most of the new releases aren’t that good – for me anyways. The classics are really the best 👌🏼

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