Apple vs. Samsung

July 19, 2015

Ca-ching! Someone just bought the iPhone 6 at the Apple Store. Do you like Apple or Samsung? Or do you just not care, you care about just making calls? Here are some of the reasons of getting both products:

 Apple Pros

– Prosperous iPhone 6 and 6+

– Macbooks are great (see my page on Mac or DELL down below)

– Has great commercials

– Not paranoid (tell you about that later)

– IOS system works correctly and is simple

– iWatch is like a phone on your wrist

– Finger technition on iPhone 5s, 6, and 6+

– iPhone 6 and 6+ have a big, wide screen

– Safari is easy to operate and isn’t slow

– HD photos

– The iPad Airs, feel like air!

– Download pretty much any app

– Great sound quality

– Awesome messaging

Apple Cons

– It charges your legs and arms

– The iWatch Sports Edition can break very easily

 Samsung Pros

– Price

– Thin design on 6 edge

– The 6 edge can withstand pretty much anything

– Gold design

– Samsung only had two good commercials (the sink and washer in one with back-up lambie, hilarious and the one with the 6 edge going through all the tests)

– Has a wide range of products, unlike Apple (washers, refrigerators, sinks, televisions, etc.)

– 6 edge charges fast

Samsung Cons

– Confusing operating systems on phones

– Way too paranoid with trying to take Apple down

– Stupid commercials (like the one with 6 edge vs. the Apple iPhone 6. They said 6 is greater than 6. Well, it’s not Samsung. Do you guys know math?)

– The commercial about the wires and you don’t have to plug in the Samsung phone into the wall and you just place it on a surface without the wires. Uh, hello? There is a wire into the wire. So why lie about it?

– Portability: bad

– Voice quality fair

Well, those are the pros and cons of Apple and Samsung. You decide what’s better. Happy calling 🙂 !

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