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Aruba Sunset

September 18, 2015

This sunset is just amazing.

I can’t put in words how beautiful it is.

In NJ, I can’t see these kind of sunsets. I can actually see the sun and how the light reflects on the clouds.

I also took this picture with a girl walking on the beach. It looked like she belonged there.

 I told you, I know photography (just see my Gravatar profile down below on the post). And honestly, I did not edit these photos. The photos I put on my blog are ones I didn’t edit. Sometimes I add typography because it fits right in. I am a photography in this blog ,too. Here’s a secret: On Pinterest I sometimes edit photos. Don’t tell my Pinterest friends

You know my other sunset post? Well, that was nothing compared to this one on the Aruba. I will never forget that moment. 🌅

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