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How to have a good beach day

August 27, 2017

Hey Inquisitive writers! So about a week ago I went to the Jersey Shore (Long Branch, to be exact) and I decided to write a guide for you to have a great beach day.

I always go to the Jersey shore over the summer, although there have been some instances in which I went in September, and even October. I totally recommend going on a hot, sunny day, and it was like that a week ago. The air temperature was 90º F (32º C) and the water was perfect for swimming in!

1. Remember to pack the essentials

Like sunscreen, a portable freezer, water,  sunglasses, towel, sun hat, a swimming suit, and maybe some snacks. I also bring goggles if I decide to swim in the ocean. Absolutely nothing is worse than getting sunburn on your nose and then keep forgetting then scratching it really hard and then it burning afterwards (true story)

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2. Go with friends or family


The more, the merrier! I don’t think the activities below would be as much fun without your family and friends to share with!

3. Buy ice-cream or a summer smoothie

seaside cafe
My go-to cafe is the Corner Cafe! They sell lots of good stuff, including ice cream, paninis, coffee, salads, and more!


Nothing is better than licking a cold ice cream cone on a hot, sweltering day. Or a fresh summer smoothie can easily brighten your day.

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4. Swim in the water

I personally love swimming, so swimming in the ocean was a no-brainer. The Jersey shore is also perfect for surfing.

5. Eat at a restaurant


Because why not? I like to do this on whole/day trips. Many restaurants serve delish local seafood. It’s also nice to watch the people passing by while eating.

6. Actually getting off your device and going to the shore!

The Ocean Place Resort & Spa. It’s basically this luxury hotel/resort/spa right next to the shore. I remember seeing “The Seashell” resort/beach club that used to be there a couple of years ago, but I believe the place was bought by “The Ocean Place”

Yep, that’s right! Start planning to go to the beach now, while it’s summer! At least I am, because NJ gets 4 equal seasons, so we only have summer for about 3 months, unfortunately. At least that makes me appreciate summer more!


How do you spend a day at the beach? Do you live near an ocean, or a sea?

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  1. I love beach days. We’re lucky down here in Wellington, we have many beaches close by, the furthest is maybe a 30 minute drive. I like going to the more secluded ones as they’re less busy in summer. But the perks of going to the main ones is of course all the cafes/restaurants and ice cream trucks nearby 😀 Great post, Jo!

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