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June 30, 2018

Hey Inquisitive writers! So today I am hosting a blog party! A blog party is basically a place where you can promote your blog – for free!

The Rules:

– Comment down one (two max.) link(s) for your blog, it can be your about page, home page, or a specific post
– Remember to check out other peoples’ links! Karma, you know!
– You can reblog this post if you want, to spread the message (though you don’t have to)
– Most of all, have fun! (It is a party, you know!)
I’m having this party to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of my blog. I published my very first post on June 29th, 2015 (even though it’s June 30ths today oops) But it passed by so quickly though. I love blogging and I hope to continue it as long as possible. Long live The Inquisitive Writer!


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  1. Happy 3rd year anniversary! Blog party sounds like such a fun idea thank you for starting this! My blog is

    I’m sorry I have no idea how to add the link to my blog, I’m kind of a tech idiot. But well, my blog is mainly on my travels in Japan, as I have just moved to Japan half a year ago, and also some posts on flowers because I love them, and Japan has so many beautiful flowers!

  2. Congrats on your blogging anniversary! This blog party idea is so fun and creative. Thanks for the invite to join in. I’ve been blogging for awhile, but my introverted style has kept me slow to grow an audience – I’m trying something new since becoming an official empty-nester, who has gone full-on gray ‘cuz I wanted to – I’m not going to stop growing in either aspect. I document as much as I can with my love of photography. I’m continuing to challenge myself and anyone who wants to join me on the adventure. If you’re interested in photo challenges, or reading about escapades in the gray or empty nest world, I’d love to have you stop by my blog and say “Hi”!

    1. Love your blog–design and content. Especially the graying–which looks fabulous on you, btw–angle. I am following, and I look forward to reading more from you. Glad I found your blog here!

      1. Thank you, Rebecca! I’m following you, too, and ditto right back at you, your blog design is stunning and I enjoy reading your writing style! Glad to have met you as a new blogging friend!

  3. Happy 3 year anniversary! I hope you continue blogging for a long time!
    My blog is SOYVIRGO.COM
    I blog about anything, but sometimes I can be personal too.

    If you love writing, anime, kpop, cats, please do check out my page.
    I’m on twitter instagram and pinterest as well.
    Have a great weekend all. XO

  4. Hello! I’m a relatively new blogger and three years is a while away for me; congratulations Jo on hitting this milestone! I blog over on It’s a place for my poetry, but I also write features about other things including mental health, having coffee with various people (dead or alive), and other random things that occur to me.

    One of my most popular pieces lately has been when I sat down to have coffee with Hermione Granger… :

    Cheers for checking it out! 🙂

    1. Just checked out your site, Isabella. Beautiful poetry–and I look forward to reading your interviews. What a fun conceit to interview characters/authors, living and dead. Love it!

  5. Happy third blogiversary, Inquisitive! Here’s to many, many more. Just checked out your first post–good tips, especially for those of us (me) who are clueless about most social media.

    Since this is a party, I’ll introduce myself: I’m Rebecca, and I blog at Rust Belt Girl, where I’m “reading and writing the Rust Belt.” I’m a native of the Cleveland, Ohio (U.S.) area and I love to connect with authors and photographers in that area–and elsewhere. My biggest blogging success this year: my interview with author David Giffels was a WordPress Discover feature:

    Whether you’re interested in author interviews, book reviews, essays, or photography, there’s a little something for everyone. See my categories. Here’s home:

    Happy partying! I look forward to meeting many of you!

    1. Yoo I need to update that page. I feel way differently about those apps now. But I also want to leave it because it’s my first post.

  6. just realise i wrote Reader instead of *Writer, sorry! and i didn’t see any identical post that was published earlier (:

    1. Aw thanks! Also by the way, did this post appear in your reader? Also was there another post that was identical but was published about a day ago?

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