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You’re invited – to a blog party!

January 28, 2018

Hey Inquisitive writers! So I’ve been seeing some bloggers posting these “blog parties” lately. Now what is one, you ask?

A “blog party” is where a blogger posts something, and any other bloggers comment down on the said post to promote their blog and check out others’ blogs. It’s kind of like the Community Pool or First Friday (scroll down and you’ll find them), but any blogger can host the party (this happens to be my first time hosting one)

The rules:

– Comment down one (two max.) link(s) for your blog, it can be your about page, home page, or a specific post

– Remember to check out other peoples’ links! Karma, you know!

– You can reblog this post if you want, to spread the message (though you don’t have to)

– Most of all, have fun! (It is a party, you know!)

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  1. Hi Jo & everybody! This is only my second-ever blog party so thanks Jo for the invite 😀 (sorry for being a little late!!)

    I’ve only been blogging a couple of months at Its Good To Read- here is my link – would appreciate it if you could check it out and follow! Its mainly reviewing current books, classic books, and thoughts about books in general!! (Did I mention books??)

    Looking forward to meeting loads of you new people!!

  2. Ooh I absolutely ADORE bog parties!! Thanks for hosting this one Jo! I’m a fashion,books,Diys and lifestyle blogger! Occasionally I also blog about a few other things as well but that was just a quick summary. I can’t wait to meet new bloggers! 🙂

    1. In love with some of your stuff on here. Following! And I know i write about animals, but I am super into fashion too, so if you ever want a guest blogger….. just sayin’ 😉

  3. Yay, I love a good party, especially one full of intelligent minds! I’m looking forward to meeting new bloggers and reading some great posts.
    My name is Molly and I blog at
    I write about my two puppy mill rescues (both Cavalier King Charles Spaniels), Callie, who is a former breeding female, and Charlie who is a “pet store reject” i.e. he was bred at the mill with too many genetic problems to be sold to a pet store. I also cover other rescues and focus on puppy mills.
    My most recent blog posts is about one of the biggest piece of puppy mill legislation to date which has been launched in the UK, Lucy’s Law, and how it might be influential abroad as well.

    1. I love it. The photos are BEYOND gorgeous. And you adventure far more than I can so it is fun to live a little vicariously! My only thought is – and I hope you don’t mind my suggestion – with so many photos (please keep them) all the text becomes overwhelming and at some point the photos become more interesting. Perhaps cut down on the long-form words as much as possible to let the photos speak? However, that may not be true for everyone who reads your blog, just my thoughts.

  4. Hello!! This was such a great idea to host a blog party!! Anyways, my name is Gianna and my blog is called Gianna & Gemini, mostly because my name is Gianna and I am a Gemini (born in June!), and I post a variety of kinds of posts, because I like to classify myself as an “everything blogger”.

    Check out my blog, it is:

    I hope to meet some new bloggers here at this party!!

    1. This is great. I love your funny take on documenting high school and your great voice shines through on other pieces as well. This will be a blog you will have fun with for quite a while and will definitely appreciate having as you get older!

      1. Thank you so much!! I love documenting high school for myself personally to be able to look back as well as for all you wonderful people to read!

  5. Thanks Jo for hosting this party. It’s always nice to get to know new bloggers. Here’s the link to my latest blog on

    My goal for this site is to post travel ideas while also relaying every day good things we see in the US. There’s a lot of bad things every day that we read and hear about, and it can be kind of depressing. So, I hope these posts will bring you some positive thoughts and highlight the good people and places in the US. Also, I write from a Christian perspective.

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