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Why Having Too Many Social Media Platforms Isn’t Good for You

June 22, 2017

Hey Inquisitive writers! So not too long ago, I read this post by The Original Phoenix, and she talked about why she left Twitter. At first I didn’t understand – I don’t know people who would delete a social media account. But then I understood why.

Why having

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She talked about how Twitter was filled with drama – and how you can’t avoid it for long. She said how it wasn’t good for her health, also.

I think you lovelies can guess what happened in the middle. My outlook on life became far more cynical than I wanted, and I began to struggle with introspection. You know all those studies about how technology pulls you out of yourself? That was happening to me. I was meditating, but I wasn’t in touch with my spirit. I was sitting with myself, but I felt alone.

And I was looking at how was using social media for my blog. I only use Pinterest (other than WordPress, the actual blog platform!) to promote my blog, but I also had it before my blog, so I use it for other Pinterest-y stuff as well. And I never will use other social media for my blog, and here’s why.


1: It stresses you out

Yes, you have Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Bloglovin’, and maybe even more social media for your blog. How can that not stress you out? Having to update constantly for your followers can be difficult, and hard to manage, especially on a tight schedule. You’ll want to grow each platform, which will be more difficult than focusing on just one or two at once.

2: It probably won’t help your blog that much, anyways

I know what you’re thinking. The more social medias you have, the more chance that you’ll be popular? Well, as I said in #1, you’ll want to grow each platform, even if it’s a lot of work. The key to sharing and promoting your blog on social media is to put it where you’re more “popular”. 

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So why spend extra time putting your blog on those other social medias, if you don’t necessarily have much traffic? I’m not saying that you should immediately give up on those, but maybe you should focus on those platforms where you thrive more easily. It’s also true that success on social media doesn’t come easily. You have to work hard to get those followers ,too. It’s not a piece of cake (dang it now I want cake)

3: It’s unhealthy

If you have your blog, and your other 5 or 6 social media networks. You would probably spend a lot of time on the internet, right? Well, not too long ago, I was spending a bit too much time on the internet for a span of about 2 weeks. I started going to sleep about 2-3 hours after when I normally would. I was wondering why this was happening to me. But then I stopped using social media for about a couple of days, and my sleep improved. Plus, it’s just not that good in general to stare at a screen all the time, and having many social networks increases that chance. And I only use WordPress and Pinterest! I wouldn’t imagine what would happen if I had multiple networks.

I mean, unless you are a business or a serious, committed, professional blogger, it’s just my opinion that having too many social medias may not be the best option. 

Are you convinced now? Do you have multiple social media platforms? What is your experience?

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Why having

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    1. I have not done a post on how to use Pinterest for blogging – but maybe I will in the future, though!

  1. Hmm, I think you are correct on many levels, but it also comes down to the brand, the blog, and the topic. For instance, I blog about my rescue dogs and their new experience outside of the puppy mill. I don’t need to have any social media accounts but, because it’s such a personal and important topic for me, I’ve allowed it to take over and reactivate social media accounts I only sort of used for personal stuff. The dogs and blog have spread across FB (a page), Twitter – where “we” have a ton of dog friends and others as well, and instagram because I love showing off their photos. Heck, they even show up on my Pinterest and that’s a platform I rarely use anymore!

    The social media just kind of grew naturally as part of the process with my blog, but I think that’s also because I work from home so the dogs and the work I do with them pervades every area of my life.

    1. I see, I see. I made this post because I didn’t want people to get too obsessed with social media. Although it’s good that you have multiple accounts, because you blog about a good cause – saving dogs and their experiences.

      1. I definitely agree that it’s not worth your time as a blogger to get super obsessed with social media. It’s too hard to make everything count. I think my twitter account is the one I actively stay on top of – although it’s easy to share things from Twitter that make sense cross-platform to their FB page – and then the Instagram is really a whatever/whenever kind of thing.

  2. I really agree with you. It’s tempting to use lots of social media platforms but it becomes incredibly time consuming. I did set up a Twitter account a while ago but I really don’t see the point of Twitter. I’ve never used it. I just haven’t got round to deleting it. I also use Pinterest and like you, I had this set up before starting a blog. I use Pinterest for lots of stuff. I really find it useful to store stuff I’m interested in. I could use it more for my blog. Interesting post.

    1. Pinterest really is the secret sauce for your blog. It’s a search engine and a social media network. I’ve heard a lot of bloggers were made successful off of Pinterest, and that’s why I’m investing a little more time into it now. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hi,
    You and I are like-minded bloggers. I also blog about blogging tips. I do have a Twitter account. While the amount of traffic coming from Twitter may be small, I have received financial opportunities from people who find me on Twitter. Maybe you can check out my blogging tips site. I blog over at

  4. Really great post. I have been torturing my brain trying to decide whether to take the social media leap in order to promote my little blog. I’m well versed in Social media , and am by no means intimidated, but I am so diametrically opposed to what social media stands for, what is creates amongst us as fellow human beings, what will become of us that jumping into it for purposes of promotion was physically hurting my integrity. You may have just inadvertently persuaded me to give pinterest a go as it seems the most innocuous. Great post

    1. Wow thank you for your comment! I can’t believe I may have just persuaded you to use Pinterest. Agreed; having too many social medias can, as you said, hurt your integrity. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. True! I deleted all of my “personal” social media accounts, however the ones of the blog are still on there, don’t spend a lot of time on them which sort of makes them a bit useless

    1. It’s good that you deleted some. I would try to focus on one or two to increase the traffic of, then delete the other “useless” ones if they’re still “useless”.

  6. This is so so true!! We often get so caught up in everything that we sometimes fail to remember that there is life outside the internet as well and yes,It is really hard to manage and control everything and grow all of the platforms! Amazing post! ❤

  7. So true. It’s hard to manage all those accounts and more often than not, I find that it’s not relaxing. At all! It took me a while to realize this but my life has changed a lot for the better ever since I quit Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and Pinterest. And not that I’m not obessed with those stuff, I have enough and more time to do other productive stuff! 😀

  8. Thanks for this insightful article. I find that I have more than enough to keep up with just having a blog and following other blogs —and I’m at home full time. I don’t know how anyone can keep up with various social media and work for a living, too. Plus get that novel written, as most of us dream of.

  9. You make a lot of good points Jo. I don’t know how you would be able to manage a blog on top of 5-6 social media and balance it all! I only have my blog and Instagram and that’s more than enough for me 🙂

  10. Good read. I have a facebook and an Instagram account. I have no interest in any other platforms. Neither of those accounts are linked to my blog.
    I wound up on Instagram only when last year my sister advised me at her wedding that she wanted me to post my pics to Instagram with a special tag to create a virtual wedding album. I grudgingly did, knowing that whatever I do I quickly become addicted to.

    My blog is not monetized, and those spaces while not being 100% private (and I have more followers/friends on both than I do on my blog) I do prefer to keep compartmentalized and separate from my blog. For various reasons.
    My friends and loved ones are featured prominently in those social media platforms. I’m an open person, but private. I don’t talk about my projects in my day to day life, and blogging is one of them. I don’t not talk about it, but it’s not common knowledge, just as many things in my life are. If I have a friend or meet someone who I think might be interested, I’ll give them the link to check it out.

    It doesn’t bother me if I have several more followers on other platforms and they’re not being directed to my blog (and vice versa). I’m just happy to exist on each. Facebook is people I know irl, or that I have formed a more personal connection with. Instagram is for people I know irl who want to follow me on there, and for people who share similar things. My blog is for me, me, me, me, me – and the followers and relationships I have on here are through meeting like minded individuals who either enjoy me, or me them, or that might find what I have to say useful, or find me (or them) entertaining. I also do not want an audience of people who feel compelled to have to follow and read along because I asked them to on my other social media accounts. I don’t want false positive feedback just because someone knows me from high school or because my aunt feels she has to say nice and supportive things, even when they don’t enjoy reading, my topics, or what I have to say about something.

    For those not making money off of any of it (like myself), I couldn’t imagine the work entailed in trying to keep a common theme running across all of them, and keeping them updated to ensure the best traffic flow through each. I forget about ig for days or longer at a time. FB is my guilty pleasure and a useful tool. This is the place I come to write and read and engage only when and as I please.

    Sorry for the long read. It’s a topic I find compelling, and anything I have an interest in I tend to go on forever and a day on!

  11. Personally, I only have one social media platform, Twitter, to promote my blog and I understand when you say that it’s unhealthy. Everything is reported on Twitter and it can be depressing and addictive. There are also positives but social media does have its ‘dark side’. Anyway, great post!

  12. The old adage about being a jack of all trades and a master of none is certainly true here as well. I get dizzy when trying to remain engaged and effective on Twitter, FB, Pinterest, SU, Reddit AND my blog. As you allude to, it becomes self-defeating. And most importantly for me, it stops being fun.

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