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Blogging Awards Handed Out 2016!

January 11, 2016

Hey Bloggers! I am going to start giving blogging awards about once per 2 months, and this is my first one. Here are the nominees:




Best photographer: Through Open Lens . He takes awesome bird photos, and has the funniest captions!



Best supporting blogger: Cultivating Time. At once when she saw my blog from the Community Pool, (again, another reason to participate there!) she checked it out frequently and commented on a bunch of posts. She also nominated me for a Liebster Award! (to see it, it’s the post before this one)



Best life-teller (teller of his or her life and deep feelings): Aidyl . She has a life blog, and some of her posts are about her feelings, like “Am I Really a Tea Person?” She also has a cute theme!




Best travel blog:  The Thought Card. When I just started my blog, she liked one of my travel posts and I went to check out her blog, and it is pretty cool. She has also been around the world!




The Rookies: Girl 2 Online She literally just started her blog and she writes about her life. Check out her posts, they’re pretty awesome!

Yves Jean-Gilles. He writes about how to maintain good health. I bet he’ll write more info. about it. Check it out!



Best DIYS: Miss Caly. Her blog is very inviting and posts great DIYs for many good purposes.



Most positive blogger: Saraa. I see in her posts that she want happiness and kindness. She writes about simple things, but in an optimistic way.



Most interesting topics: Stories by Sherry. She writes about very random topics including the time she wrote from a point of view from a porcupine!



Now I have a couple question for all the bloggers who were nominated:

1: What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

2: Which element are you most like: Earth, Fire, Water, Air, or Metal?

3: What’s your biggest achievement?

4:  Why did you start blogging?

5: If you could choose one place in the world to go, where would you go?

6: What’s your weirdest dream?

7: What is your #1 talent?

8: Do you have a 6th sense? If you do, what is it?

9: How many numbers can you recall for pi? (hehe, this is a tough one)

10: Do you play a musical instrument? If you do, which one? If you don’t, would you play one, and , which one would you play?

11: How would you describe your clothing style? Casual? Black? Pretty Pink?


Be sure to pingback this post when you answer this questions!




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  1. Thanks Jo Smith! Very Grateful.
    The biggest risk I ever took was…I don’t know, exactly. Since I always take risks. LOL
    My favorite element is earth, we wouldn’t be living without it!
    My biggest achievement is this Blogging Award from Jo Smith!
    I started blogging because I wanted to share my stories with the world and have fun.
    I would go to…Japan!
    My weirdest dream is a long story. It would take FOREVER to tell. And, I have many weird dreams, so…yeah.
    My #1 talent is…READING! That’s how I write awesome stories!
    a 6…sense? No. I’m confused.
    What IS a pi? Is it how you measure a circle? Even if it is, No Idea.
    I play the piano and recorder!
    I dress casual.

    Thank you Jo Smith for these questions! It was fun answering them. ^_^

  2. By the way – I did not get a pingback or any other notification this post. I suspect the other Bloggers you have listed might not have got anything either. It might be worth finding a way to let them know about your post so they can read it, comment and participate.

  3. Aw thank you so much for this Jo. What you have written about me and my blog is so kind. I will definitely take the time to answer your questions and do pingback as soon I get the time.

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