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10 Summer Bucket List Ideas That Will Keep You Busy

May 15, 2017

Hey Inquisitive writers! Are you wishing for summer to just arrive already? But, are you one of many people this summer that will have nothing to do this upcoming summer? Do not fear! Just read these bucket list ideas below!

Summer Buc

#1 Go on vacation

I’m even going on vacation this summer! I will post about my travels in the future, though. Having a vacation, for a couple of days or even the whole summer will be a memorable time to cherish.


I actually went to Europe last summer for 19 days, and I had the best time ever-literally. 

#2 Go swimming almost everyday

Whether it’s in a pool, the ocean, a river, or a lake, swimming almost everyday is very good exercise, and is very refreshing. Swimming is my favorite sport.




#3 Go to the beach as often as you can

Going to the beach basically is summer. Grab some suntan lotion, towels, sunglasses, and a bathing suit! Make sure to buy some iced-cream at a vendor to cool off ,too.

Note: If you don’t live near an ocean, you can go to a lake or a large body of water and hang out there! Bonus, you can go rafting or boating at many lakes and rivers. 


These beach pictures were when I went to Aruba. The beaches there are awesome! 

#4 Go to a festival/concert/amusement part

This is sure to be lots of fun, especially on summer nights. I love amusement parks, especially the cotton candy! Also, I’ve heard that a Lady Gaga concert is arriving in the U.S. this summer!


I once to a hot-air balloon festival a long time ago, and I guiltily had lots of candy…

#5 Do a DIY project/tie dye something

I love doing these over the summer – since I have a lot of time. You can get inspired on Pinterest, there are endless ideas there! I also did some DIY projects on how to make bathbombs, things to do with washi tape, and many more.  Plenty of ideas to do over the summer!

#6 Visit a city that you’ve never been to

It can be famous cities, like NYC, London, Paris, Dubai, or it can be smaller cities that you have interests in.


If you’re planning to go to NYC this summer, I have a guide right here. I strongly suggest going if you can!

#7 Have a campfire/bonfire with friends or family

This would be a super cool thing to do over the summer. Make some smores’ also!



#8 Play a new sport

It can be basketball, tennis, swimming, baseball, softball, soccer, etc. Make sure it’s played outside ,though, when it’s nice and sunny! I would also strongly recommend mini golf. It’s so fun, and you can invite friends and family to have a friendly competition against.




#9 Try a Pinterest recipe

I’ve done this before, especially with the pin below. Good recipes would be lemonade recipes, iced-cream recipes, and fruit-based recipes.



#10 Make this an unforgettable summer!

I would try to aim to do at least 4-5 things on this list. The summertime can spark amazing memories and treasuring moments. So go out there, have adventures, and make this summer spectacular! 

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Summer Buc

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  1. Love the ideas!! I’ll be going to the beach a lot, we live 10 minutes away. I love to read at the beach and to swim. I will also do some gardening, barbecues visit family 🙂

  2. You’ve proposed some really cool ideas! I already have some travel plans set up for a few weeks this summer as I make my way back home from my stint abroad in Colombia, but a bonfire is something I’ll have to try to squeeze in before the summer is over!

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