Activities | DIY

My Key is a lot more Beautiful

Hello WordPress folks! I’m back here today with step-by-step instructions on how to DIY your key!    You always return to your house with your same housekey EVERY SINGLE TIME. You ponder and ponder on what to do about it. Ding! A brilliant idea comes to your mind. Why not customize your own housekey?  1: […]

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Activities | Photography

Diary of a Mermaid

Picture this: you are underwater and encounter some setbacks  Wow! Here I am underwater. What the…? I can breathe?! And would you look at that, a tail ,too?!? There are aqua-blue walls around me. George Washington? Oh, phew it was just a painting. Painting can survive underwater? Well that’s a first. I stop and silently admire the […]

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Activities | Plants

Chant for Plants!

    Imagine, you’re in your own garden. You are watering your plants and planting new ones. It’s one word: plants. They’re essential to our environment and life on Earth. I love plants because of these reasons: – Emits oxygen from CO2 (carbon dioxide), which help our planet A LOT – A lot of plants […]

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Activities | Advisories

Water, also known as H20

Drip! Drip! Those are the water droplets you hear outside your window.  Yes, it rains sometimes in NJ depending on the season. In summer, it rains about 1-4 a week. It just rained now, on again, off again. Since I live on a high floor, I can collect rainwater easily with kitchen utensils. I highly […]

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