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Types of Blogs and How to Find Them

Hey Inquisitive writers! Today I will show you types of wordpress blogs. But why? Why would bloggers want to seek out others blogs? Blogging is not just posting. It’s interacting with other bloggers ,too! If you are a blogger, and don’t like to interact, you won’t get many readers. Plus, interacting more on other blogs can interest that blogger […]

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Really, humans?

This is not a sponsored post. I just care about the Earth.      “Oo-oo-ah-ah!”  Which in our monkey language means: Heidi, are you there? Heidi is my best friend monkey, and we like to play a lot together. “Heidi, you still there?” “Ooo-oo-ah!” Ah, there she is.   “Heidi, where were you? I was searching […]

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Is Your Talent Really a Talent?

If you have one talent, whether it’s fishing, drawing, or playing basketball, it needs to be treated correctly. Let me explain:     For example, I could say that I’m good at drawing (not to brag, but that statement isn’t wrong) , but what makes me good at it? What do I need to have in […]

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Is Popularity that Big of a Deal?

Hey Bloggers! Sorry I wasn’t posting for the last couple days. I am still sick with a virus that will not completely go away!! Anyways, the question of the day is: Is popularity that big of a deal? Lots of people are insecure and make friends instantly (even if the friends are not friends) . […]

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Why does Beauty matter?

Question of the day: Why does beauty matter? Beauty is something that is really appreciated these days. But, why? Why do people risk plastic surgery just to look pretty? Since eyesight is the mostly the human’s strongest sense, we use it a lot and rely on it for many things instead of actually thinking. There are many types of people in […]

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