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Is Your Talent Really a Talent?

If you have one talent, whether it’s fishing, drawing, or playing basketball, it needs to be treated correctly. Let me explain:     For example, I could say that I’m good at drawing (not to brag, but that statement isn’t wrong) , but what makes me good at it? What do I need to have in […]

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Clouds and newspapers=Yay! 

   I (and you know already) like to take photos. I also like to imagine things ,too. For example:    That little cloud is beging bullyed by the others (the little one in the middle of the surrounding circle)  Or:    Looks like a tornado forming.  Or my favorite:    Is that a hand trying […]

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From an Artist’s Perspective

I’m an abstract artist who does…well abstract art! Abstract means you can give that piece of art any name you want. For example, if you see a blank canvas with a large, red triangle at the bottom and a small, yellow rectangle at the top. What is it? Again, you can’t give it a name. […]

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