Rain | Writing

What to do next?

  She stood there, by the window, in a depressed mood. The clouds started to surround the sky, but she felt like they were surrounding her. The clouds looked like thunderstorm clouds The thunder rumbled, as if the sky was hungry Hungry for trouble   She already knew it was going to rain; but it […]

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Rain | Seasons


    It’s not summer anymore folks! It’s finally fall! I just went on the terrace to check out the rain, and it was a downpour.  As you know with my other water post, I will always catch rainwater when I can. Here’s the story:          First, it was just a raindrop waiting to […]

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Clouds | Earth | Rain

A Beautiful Sky

It’s raining right now in NJ, and I noticed that part of the sky has no clouds! So that part of the neighborhood doesn’t have any rain!       I also saw some holes in the sky. It rained like this yesterday and it will rain like this tomorrow. The perfect day to collect rain. View my […]

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