The steps to a happier life

Hey bloggers! Whew, haven’t blogged in a while! Anyways, this post is about the steps to a happier life. If you feel you could enjoy life a little more, read this post!


Step 1: Get off social media. If you’re constantly on Instagram or Twitter and expect people to like your photos, and you’re not getting that feed, either you’re constantly posting photos and videos just to impress people, or pay money for imaginary followers. That makes people do stupid things, and I don’t think those unhappy people know what they’re doing. In fact, on Instagram (which I don’t really use, I just follow people I personally know, artists, charities, and photographers) someone commented on one of my photos “f4f?” . I had no idea what that meant so I searched it up and found that it meant “follow for follow” meaning you follow that person and they follow you back. I simply ignored the comment and went on with my life. Oh, sorry, I got off topic with the happiness thing 😂

How to get off social media. Do what I do when I overuse Pinterest or Instagram: delete the app, and when you think you can only use it a little bit, you can just download it back on. If it kills you to delete that app, (then you’re really technology addicted) then put it in one of those app groups where you can’t see it, therefore you’ll focus on other things.

Another way to get off social media. When you get bored, hide your phone somewhere on a high shelf or something (but somewhere where you won’t lose it [happened to me] ) and find something else to do. Like yoga, taking the dog for a walk,  reading a book, drawing, go out with a friend, plant flowers, or whatever else you can do without a phone or computer. After you do that, reward yourself with something nice, a treat, a study break, chocolate (but not too much chocolate) , and more decent rewards.



Step 2: Buy a coloring book. Just so you know, coloring books aren’t just for kids. There are adult coloring books, and coloring books can relive stress levels. I have a coloring book,  and I sometimes use it. I feel like I’m in a surreal world where it’s just me, my colored pencils, and the coloring book. Here are links where you can buy them:


Henna Inspired

The Secret Garden

Animal Designs

Enchanted Forest


Step 3: Read positive-boosting books. I have one of those “books” where it’s full of art and quotes that will boost your mood.

Photo on 2-21-16 at 2.54 PM.jpgPhoto on 2-21-16 at 2.55 PM.jpg

Like on the second picture, it’s full of illustrations of amazing quotations that make you believe you are doing a freaking great job. Here are some links to buy these books:


Think Happy, Be Happy, Art, Inspiration, Joy

You are doing a Freaking Great Job

Whatever You Are, Be a Good One: 100 Inspirational Quotation Hand-Lettered

Happiness is…

Keep Calm and Carry On


Step 4: Surround yourself with people who care about you. Talk to a friend, laugh with them, go shopping with them. This causes you to have a sense that your friends and family appreciate your existence and love you around. I mean, we need to interact with people. It’s part of being human.


There are many more things you can do to live a happier life, but I’m not going to list all of them. I’m writing a post, not a book. But anyway, I hoped this helped anyone in any way because being a happy human is being a complete human. 



What will Happen if We Stop Using Social Media


WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and on and on and on. . . .

We, as humans, use social media a lot! We may be selfie-consiuous or send a tweet every 5 minutes!! Social media really controls us these days, doesn’t it? But, what if we just stopped using it? Like, no, not even allow to touch your iPhone or Samsung. Ok, now that’s going too far 🙂


I’m just asking: what if we just stopped using it?

We would connect with nature a lot more. Without social media (including messages) most of us humans would have more to do in our free time. We would go out, and actual visit the lake, forest, and mountains. We would have a closer grasp of nature itself, not just when you read about nature, experiencing it is 1,000 times better.

We would talk to people in person. With the advance in technology, people are used to talking to people with messages, emails, and social media. Talking to people in person means getting to know them better. Plus, you can’t make lifetime memories with a person facing the computer.

Without social media taking up free time, we would have more time to do other things. Like taking a bike ride, drawing, and organizing the closet (which are things need to do) would have you discover new talents like riding a bike at 45 mph, drawing a scene from a cute coffee shop, and organizing clothes.

You’d probably be happier. If losing 5 Instagram followers ruins your day or a nasty comment about your glasses is bothering you, this just backs up the reason why social media isn’t all fun and games. People who use social media too much make getting new follows so much of a priority, that if they don’t complete that goal, they end up buying followers or post obsessively to reach the goal. Staying away from social media just makes the problem go away, because there is no cause of the problem.

If obsessively being on social media changes us for the better, then maybe I’ll cancel my Twitter because 1: No one really follows me or likes my posts 2: I don’t really need it. Although social media has many advantages, it can cause many problems also. As someone said, small things can have big impacts.

Photography photos that I love

Photography. It can be a passion, or a love. Many photographers strive for the once-in-a-lifetime-photo. The prize can be given to some lucky photographers.

I really love photography. The name for my blog may not totally go with another name such as The Lucky Photographer. If I had a photography blog, (and if I had time) that would totally be the name. But I use Pinterest and Instagram as my photography sharing tools. You might be wondering why I didn’t put my Instagram profile up on WordPress. I have not put it up for security reasons (no, just kidding :-D) I didn’t put it up because tons of my personal friends are on it and I don’t think they would entirely happy if I permitted access to their personal photos and selfies. And also my Instagram is my personal+photography account. Perhaps I could make another account for photography, but that’s too much work. Really, two accounts? I’m only having one account for one social media. Unless it’s for business. But (little me) I would combine my personal+photography+business account. Then…. blah blah blah blah… blah…

ANYWAYS, back to the post. Here are my favorite Pinterest and Instagam photos

Heart island


Strawberry vintage

Airplane above


One day in bicycle land

I might be getting Instagram

You are there. Click! Swish! In the distance, there are people in NYC, staring at their phones, posting photos to Instagram. This is their only time to post, what if you were part of that? ……


Yeah, that’s how I feel everyday. I watch people in the distance, posting and tweeting to social platforms, connecting to the other world at their fingertips. Yes, I have Pinterest and WordPress, but I feel there is something missing there. Likea missing puzzle piece. So, I might be getting Instagram. I will use it for photography purposes and also connect with friends I know personally. Can’t wait! 📷

I just joined Flipboard!

Flipboard Logo. (PRNewsFoto/Flipboard)

Yeah, I just joined Flipboard. In case you were wondering, Flipboard is a social news magazine. You can follow any topics you want. Nature, social media, bicycles, pretty much anything. Find me on Flipboard as Jo Smith (JoSmith4kn7).

Flipboard is available on the App Store, Windows Store (yay), and Google Play. It free for sign up and download (on the App Store and Windows Store, I’m not sure about Google Play). You can find Flipboard on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Flipboard was created in 2010. You can also connect your Flipboard account to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

I started to follow bicycle touring, nature, European travel, space, interior design, luxury lifestyle, DIY, social media, (and of course) WordPress. These are just random topics, right? So it proves Flipboard has quite a variety of topics. I tried to search “Pinterest” but there were no magazines for Pinterest.

Overall, Flipboard so far is a pretty well-thought-out social news magazine. I recommend it to people who want to read what they want, and also be on social media.


Twitter Logo

Swish! You just tweeted to Tropicana on Twitter that you love their juice. Did I mention Twitter? Yes,Twitter. A microblogging form of social media that many people are on for many different reasons. Twitter is great for a lot of reasons:

– 140 character posts that help you get to the point

– Follow your favorite celebrities and companies to see what they’re up to

– If you have a WordPress blog, then you can connect with Twitter to increase your blog’s popularity

– Great for photography because there are many photography companies, such as Photography Lately (@photolately)

– Catch up on latest trends and news (for example hashtags)

– Create you own profile photo and custom backround to match your photo

– More friendly than Facebook or Instagram

– The sky blue color for the logo really enlightens you

– Now messages have unlimited characters per message

Twitter is an awesome way to express yourself in many tweets. You can share your favorite photos, follow your favorite brands, and so much more. Get Twitter today. It’s waiting for you. Tweet-tweet!

Pick Pocket!

Pocket Logo

Click! You just saved your first website onto Pocket. Why did you get it again, exactly? Here, I’ll remind you:

– You get to register for free

– Sign up doen’t take long

– Save videos and pictures ,too other than websites

– As they say,”Read it for later”

– Read anytime, from any of your devices

– Don’t need wifi to read (oh yeah)

– Install the Pocket button and save anything from the web

– Use it instead of bookmarks

Disadvantages:, sorry there are none that I can spot.

I wasn’t the one writing this blog, some other person would say there’s a disadvantage. But in my opinion, there’s really not. Ok, ok, let me think…………….

They need your email address. But obviously, only send emails (about only 1 or 2)

Get Pocket. You need it more than you think. It’s just a few clicks away.

Social Media Apps for You

Are you a tech savvy person? Are you thinking about downloading social media? Well, it depends what your interests are. Here are some apps:

 Facebook. Ok, now pretty much everyone is on Facebook but if you’re interested…

– A place where you like and comment posts

– Over 1.19+ billion active users monthly

– Largest social network (obviously)

– For adult ONLY

– Brands on Facebook investing in social media

– A post “survives” for 90 minutes

– Facebook has a new assistant called MoneyPenny. It is related to Apple Siri, but is used for shopping purposes

 Twitter. Tweet-Tweet! Twitter is likewise to Facebook but has some differences.

– Post 140 character “tweets”

– Each tweet is active for about 26 minutes then “dies”

– Many brands are on it, including Hello Kitty

– Can “favorite” a post or like a post

– Many people try to do crazy things and “earn” followers

– Can be a little addictive with the tweets

– Post pictures

 Instagram. As we all know, Instagram is popular ,too. Just like Facebook

– Facebook owned company, so you can invite Facebook friends as an advantage

– App for amateur photographers

– Inappropriate, period.

– As Twitter, followers are “important”

– Share photos and 15-second videos

 Pinterest (yay!) It’s different then other social media (and that’s why I’m on it)

– Share photos, GIFs, and sometimes videos

– Can like, comment, and pin posts

– Repin other pins

– Create boards to organize your pins

– Follow people and boards

– Search your favorite topics

– Click on a pin so it can take you back from the site it came from

– Unlike Facebook and Twitter, a pin can be noticeable for three months

– App for photographers, artists, and more!

 Flickr. A company owned by Yahoo! .

– App for photographers

– Before you post a photo, you can edit it

– Don’t like Flickr? Get 500px, an app for serious photographers

– Unlike Pinterest, you get a copyright email sent if you post someone else’s photo without permission

– On the Yahoo! Weather app, there are photos of the location’s weather from Flickr (is anyone took photos of that location)

 Blogging. Although blogging isn’t much of social media, people still see your blog

– Hobby for writers

– Your website can be seen by anyone

– Only for people who have time

 Youtube. The only American app for videos

– Make your own videos and send them to the world

– Put social media buttons to show your viewers what social media you’re on

– Subscribe to channels

– The only way to send videos to Pinterest

– Put a profile picture and backround

 LinkedIn. The business app.

– App to link in your business. That’s why it’s called LinkedIn

– Share business ideas

– Most popular used before and after work

 Google +. Owned by Google

– App for sharing ideas

– Add people to circles is they are or not on Google +

– Post photos and videos

Happy posting :-D!

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