The Unique Beach

I love beaches that have something that makes them special, or unique. I LOVE hammocks, and guess what? This beach had a hammock where I could lay there all day.

In contrast to the NJ shore, I can swim the in the warm, shallow, Carribbean ocean.

There was this boardwalk that lead to the ocean and on top of the ocean. there was a few steps down to this mini boardwalk (about 7-8 feet long, 3-4 feet wide) where you step on a small boat a.k.a. the water taxi. A water taxi is like a taxi, but on water. I guess it tranports you instead on on land.

On the mini boardwalk, there were multiple crabs! I almost never saw crabs on the NJ shore.

 Also, on the NJ shore, I couldn’t see the sunset. Just a reflection of the sun’s light on the clouds.

I would go and jump off the mini boardwalk and snorkel. The mini boardwalk isn’t at the end of the line of rocks. I would go underwater, and snorkel under the rocks. There were fish swimming in the holes of the rocks, and around the rocks. There was such a variety of fish! 🐚🐠

Hanging out

Have you ever been to an outdoor restaurant? Well, I have in Aruba. 

This is a photo from the seat. 

I was also sipping this drink. 

When I was waiting for the food, I walked about a couple yards to the colorful chairs. 

I was full after I ate a big meal.  

I also took this picture and zoomed in. There were clusters of the “fruits” from the palm tree. Tons of them fell from the palm tree and on the sand. 

Outdoor restaurants are super cool. I recommend going to one on the beach 🌴

Aruba Sunset

This sunset is just amazing.

I can’t put in words how beautiful it is.

In NJ, I can’t see these kind of sunsets. I can actually see the sun and how the light reflects on the clouds.

I also took this picture with a girl walking on the beach. It looked like she belonged there.

 I told you, I know photography (just see my Gravatar profile down below on the post). And honestly, I did not edit these photos. The photos I put on my blog are ones I didn’t edit. Sometimes I add typography because it fits right in. I am a photography in this blog ,too. Here’s a secret: On Pinterest I sometimes edit photos. Don’t tell my Pinterest friends

You know my other sunset post? Well, that was nothing compared to this one on the Aruba. I will never forget that moment. 🌅