I’m self-hosted now!

Hey Inquisitive writers! So I’m self-hosted now! I just wanted to send out a test post to see if you guys can see it from the reader. Is it possible to like and comment on the post?


Sewing just might be my New Hobby

Hey Bloggers [and readers] ! I have been working on a big project, and I want you all to know that. 

I am (dun, dun, dun) SEWING!! I know, it’s more of a grandma-type of thing, but it’s actually kind of fun. Until you mess up one part and have to start the whole thing over again. 

So I bought this looming kit that has looms to helps with the sewing. It also comes with a I-Taught-Myself-To-Loom instructions. The book suggested I start with a baby or a child-sized hat. I am working on the “child’s-hat” 


 I’d say that I’m doing pretty well with it. 
Sewing really helps me stay focused, have a sense of attention and balance. And plus, it’s better than staring at a screen. I really suggest sewing this season (and give your creation to other family members for the holidays!!) because  you make hats and scarves for less money than buying it at a store. It’s also super fun.  ðŸ¤— 👍🏽