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Types of Blogs and How to Find Them

Hey Inquisitive writers! Today I will show you types of wordpress blogs. But why? Why would bloggers want to seek out others blogs? Blogging is not just posting. It’s interacting with other bloggers ,too! If you are a blogger, and don’t like to interact, you won’t get many readers. Plus, interacting more on other blogs can interest that blogger […]

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Saving the Earth

 This is a photo challenge from The Daily Post. Instead of doing a just a photo, I did a collage instead! I took these pictures on Friday the 13th (in November,2015) I mean, take about good luck on photos on a bad luck day!

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I Can Predict the Future!

Ok, so I entered in the Future Photo Challenge contest from the Daily Post. I know this is weird that I’m posting on a Tuesday, but you can check out my “How often I post” page to see when I usually blog. You basically take a photo relating on something that will happen in the future. It’s required […]

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The Morning

This photo is part of the Vibrant Color Challenge. Even though it said to only post photos in a warmer climate, I don’t care. I really love this photo. This is a photo that I actually took, and I take full pride in it. No edits at all. This shot was taken in the morning, around 6:45-ish. This photo […]

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Blogging Awards Handed Out 2016!

Hey Bloggers! I am going to start giving blogging awards about once per 2 months, and this is my first one. Here are the nominees:     Best photographer: Through Open Lens . He takes awesome bird photos, and has the funniest captions!     Best supporting blogger: Cultivating Time. At once when she saw my blog from […]

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