The steps to a happier life

Hey bloggers! Whew, haven’t blogged in a while! Anyways, this post is about the steps to a happier life. If you feel you could enjoy life a little more, read this post!


Step 1: Get off social media. If you’re constantly on Instagram or Twitter and expect people to like your photos, and you’re not getting that feed, either you’re constantly posting photos and videos just to impress people, or pay money for imaginary followers. That makes people do stupid things, and I don’t think those unhappy people know what they’re doing. In fact, on Instagram (which I don’t really use, I just follow people I personally know, artists, charities, and photographers) someone commented on one of my photos “f4f?” . I had no idea what that meant so I searched it up and found that it meant “follow for follow” meaning you follow that person and they follow you back. I simply ignored the comment and went on with my life. Oh, sorry, I got off topic with the happiness thing 😂

How to get off social media. Do what I do when I overuse Pinterest or Instagram: delete the app, and when you think you can only use it a little bit, you can just download it back on. If it kills you to delete that app, (then you’re really technology addicted) then put it in one of those app groups where you can’t see it, therefore you’ll focus on other things.

Another way to get off social media. When you get bored, hide your phone somewhere on a high shelf or something (but somewhere where you won’t lose it [happened to me] ) and find something else to do. Like yoga, taking the dog for a walk,  reading a book, drawing, go out with a friend, plant flowers, or whatever else you can do without a phone or computer. After you do that, reward yourself with something nice, a treat, a study break, chocolate (but not too much chocolate) , and more decent rewards.



Step 2: Buy a coloring book. Just so you know, coloring books aren’t just for kids. There are adult coloring books, and coloring books can relive stress levels. I have a coloring book,  and I sometimes use it. I feel like I’m in a surreal world where it’s just me, my colored pencils, and the coloring book. Here are links where you can buy them:


Henna Inspired

The Secret Garden

Animal Designs

Enchanted Forest


Step 3: Read positive-boosting books. I have one of those “books” where it’s full of art and quotes that will boost your mood.

Photo on 2-21-16 at 2.54 PM.jpgPhoto on 2-21-16 at 2.55 PM.jpg

Like on the second picture, it’s full of illustrations of amazing quotations that make you believe you are doing a freaking great job. Here are some links to buy these books:


Think Happy, Be Happy, Art, Inspiration, Joy

You are doing a Freaking Great Job

Whatever You Are, Be a Good One: 100 Inspirational Quotation Hand-Lettered

Happiness is…

Keep Calm and Carry On


Step 4: Surround yourself with people who care about you. Talk to a friend, laugh with them, go shopping with them. This causes you to have a sense that your friends and family appreciate your existence and love you around. I mean, we need to interact with people. It’s part of being human.


There are many more things you can do to live a happier life, but I’m not going to list all of them. I’m writing a post, not a book. But anyway, I hoped this helped anyone in any way because being a happy human is being a complete human. 



How important are journalists really?

Journalists, or scribes, used to be very important to ancient Sumer and Egypt societies. You probably just read this sentence and are thinking what is this lady talking about? Well, I’ll tell you.

Sumer (soo-mur) was the very first civilization. Now, that’s a big deal. Sumer was located in the Fertile Crescent, a chunk of fertile land used for farming. Sumerian people invented smart technologies like irrigation, seed droppers, and more. But there’s one thing that’s interesting. The priests used to be the leaders of Sumer, but the kings replaced their jobs and the priests became one step lower than the king in social class pyramid. But Sumer had its ups and downs. Leaders and warriors tried to take over its important city-states, and the Sumer civilization didn’t have balance. But its legacy will not be forgotten. Ancestors from Sumerian people learned the technologies they used and still use it today.


meso zoom.PNG
The Fertile Crescent, next to the Mediterranean Sea

Ok, we’ve all heard of ancient Egypt. But the social classes of ancient Egypt were very similar to Sumer’s ranks. For example, the top of the pyramids both include the leaders, the Egypts had the pharaohs and the Sumers had the king.

Egypt Class system.jpg
Egyptian Social Class Pyramid, very similar to Sumer’s

Anyways, the scribes would be ranked third place in Egypt, and in Sumer ,too.  Scribes in Sumer (because it was an early civilization) used clay and a stylus to write. Unlike the Sumerian scribes, Egyptian scribes used papyrus (pa-pie-rus) [papyrus was very similar to paper] to write down what happens everyday.

Sumerians used a type of writing called cuneiform (coo-neigh-a-form) to write. Cuneiform was a writing system using triangular-like symbols. Scribes had to memorize thousands of letters to write. Cuneiform was widely used in the Mesopotamia area until the Phoenicians invented the alphabet. Here are some facts about scribes:

  • They had to work sunrise to sunset, everyday


  • Scribes were picked out from the priests’ or nobles’ kids most of the time


  • It didn’t matter if you were a good writer or not, you’re just writing down the information that happens everyday


  • You write nothing but the facts of an everyday life of a Sumerian


  • Mostly boys were picked for this job


  • If you were picked for this job and you were a girl, that was a big deal

This all proves that scribes were extremely important at the time. Journalists now don’t have as much responsibility, which is kind of sad, but at least (to all journalists) you don’t have to work at least 12 hours a day!! I want to be a journalist, because I love to write. But a scribe’s job was 50x more important. I mean, without scribes, we wouldn’t know as much about Sumer and ancient civilization.

Popping Pink

Hey bloggers! This post is part of a color your world challenge, and today happens to fall on the day of cotton candy color! Here’s a poem dedicating my love to “popping” pink:


Popping Pink

Pink explodes

Pink smells like cotton candy at your favorite festival park

Pink is Valentine’s Day ❤️

Pink is the feeling of ecstasy and being jubilant 

Pink tastes like mushy marshmallows on a hot summer day

Pink is the sound of nothing; pink is calm

Pink makes your eyes pop, and there is nothing you can do but me mesmerized by its tranquility 🎀

Pink makes you feel alive

Pink changes us for a moment, but as you look away from it, you’ll remember the feeling of pink




100% original poem by me!! If you want to sign up for the challenge, click the link above ☝

Does Age Really Matter?


Does age really matter? Well, it depends in what situation you’re in.

Love. Nope, not really. Your mate can be 48, but you can be 29. Of course, the older the person, the wiser s/he is. But, age can matter in some situations. If you’re 21, and your date is 88, that is a really big age difference. It is highly likely that people will not date eachother with at least a 40 or 50-year age difference. But, what really confuses me is when an older guy is with a younger girl, it’s alright. But when the woman is older, it’s suddenly a problem. I seriously do not get that. What? We can date whoever we want!

Jobs.  When you’re getting a job, age still doesn’t matter too much.  If you’re veteran to the job, age then doesn’t matter. You can be 12, and you can help with climate change, because you’re aware of it. But still, kids aren’t allowed to sign up for jobs until 14. But those jobs aren’t political or having to do with science at the age of 14. In fact, you’re still learning science in high school.

Social Media. In most social media sites, they require you to be at least 13 or older (but Facebook requires 18 or older) It’s never smart to reveal your age on social media unless it’s a private account with people you know personally. But some people already reveal their ages on social media with photos and language. With blogging, it’s a little different. You can’t “decorate” your Instagram page with colors and “Welcome to my page!” in bold letters. You know, unless you’re a photographer who takes eye-catching pictures.

But I never really reveal my age in social media, not just because of safety. If I reveal my age on my blog, people might think differently of me. But many people reveal their ages already on their blogs, as I can see. Obviously with photos of themselves, but the style of their blog and their language used on their blogs. For example, if you are a female teenager writing a blog, you might use words like “like” and “totes” a lot, and might not even realize it. I also took a mental age quiz, and it said my mental age was 16-21. Which means, a young adult who likes to have fun and enjoy life (which is totally like me!) Age is very important to social media. 

So in some situations, age does matter. But sometimes it doesn’t. Besides, age it just a number.


How to make your WordPress Site more Christmas-ey

Hey bloggers! Sorry I didn’t blog in a couple days! I was super busy. I will not write about early humans, because I shouldn’t write about something I have no more knowledge about. Anyways, want to make your WordPress site more Christmas-like? Follow these steps:


     Snow is Falling!!

To make snow fall on your blog, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Settings → General.
  3. Check the box next to “Show falling snow on this blog.”
  4. Make sure your theme photo matches the snow!! My theme photo looks really strange with the photo (I couldn’t really find a one that isn’t pixally)


Make a Christmas Slideshow!

Put Christmas Images (and a slideshow!) on your site. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to “My Site”
  2. Click (on the “themes tab”) Customize.
  3. Press “Widgets”
  4. Search “Gallery”
  5. Add “Gallery” and insert images and the type of slideshow you want!


Put a Festive Text!

  1. Follow the same steps to make a Christmas slideshow but instead of searching “gallery” search “text” .
  2. Add “text” and type the text you want your readers to view!


Play Holiday Music for Readers

For all you people that have old, downloaded holiday music, this is your time to shine!

  1. Go here for more instructions on how to download a soundcloud disk onto your site.
  2. You can go to Sound Cloud to download Christmas music.
  3. Go here to put the song for as long as you want on your site.


Hope these tips help with your Christmas bragging-rights!


Where did we come from?

Do you want to know where you came from? Well, you came to the right place.


There are two theories: The “Out of Africa” theory and the “Multi-Regional” theory. Let me explain:

We evolved from early humans, but where did we exactly come from? This is where the theories come from. The “Out of Africa” states that humans came from Africa and migrated to other parts of the world. The “Multi-Regional” theory states that humans migrated in different parts of the world, and migrated all of the regions. I believe the “Out of Africa” theory, because there is more evidence behind it. Although I would love to debate more about it, that’s not we’re talking about right now.

The last Ice Age. That’s right, Earth had four long Ice Ages. The last one came up when modern humans started to appear.


We had but little choice but to follow the big animals that adapted to the freezing cold. As we followed them, we started to migrate. This means that we can only make makeshift shelters and keep track of the animal’s path. We formed bigger clans. Why? To take down the animal and use our advanced stone tools to slather it and eat it for dinner. We would also split it among ourselves, who deserved it. But wait, where did the stone tools come from? And how could we hunt if the days were so short?


The invention of fire just came from rubbing two stone together harshly to create a spark. Fire was used for so many things, cooking the food, seeing at night, warmth, and using the flames to scare off animals. Now, man did not have to rely on the sun’s light and warmth for hunting and gathering. But, really think about it. If it wasn’t for that one moment, one second you maybe didn’t have that lamp next to you. Maybe it would be a torch, but then again, maybe someone else could’ve invented it sooner.

The men usually did the hunting, and the women cared for the children (or something else, I don’t remember completely) but the women noticed that the seeds that stood on ground would become plants next year. They probably took the seeds, and planted them into the ground. Volia!


Many people , ahem early humans, tried farming. Most of them switched to farming rather than hunting and gathering. But there were some costs and benefits to farm. One, you have a permanent home, so it is easier to transmit diseases. Two, if you are so dependent on the plants to eat, what if there’s a drought? Or the weather changes? What then? Three, farming holds a lot of risks for disease, especially from farm animals. But, there are also some benefits. One, you live in the same place all the time, so you don’t really have to move anywhere. Two, you can plant many things and have them all grow at the same time. Three, you can plant a variety of plants, so you get a healthier diet that just eating the same old bunny every time.

I will continue this question for the next post, and explain what happens over the couple thousand years of human history. It’s pretty sweet to know where you came from.

Check out my “How often I post” Page

I recently made a page about when I post.


I figured last month I’d take a break from blogging, and I will post alerts if I know I won’t blog or take a vacation (another vacation would seem awesome) . I also already have posted my schedule for regular blogging. I’ll post it all on that page. So it won’t kill you to check it out, and plus you’ll know when I post. Also:

I got my 30th follower! The last time I posted about this was when I got my 15th follower. I celebrate when I get 15 more followers and post about it. So I’ll post again about this when I get my 45th follower. Wow! In only about 3 months I gained 15 more followers! I cannot wait to be more popular in my blogging career. If you’re a newcomer to my blog, check it out! You won’t regret it! 🙂