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2012 ~ a poem

Hey Inquisitive writers! So, I have decided to post yet another poem on my blog. I was trying to come up with an idea for a poem, and I tried something, and it didn’t seem to work. Then, inspiration struck me like lightening.

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Summer Smoothie

Hey Inquisitive Writers! I am back. I have not been on the blogging platform for about 3 months! I have indeed missed the blogging community. I got really busy with my offline life and was not able to blog. But I am back! I will try to keep posting over the next couple of weeks.

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What to do next?

  She stood there, by the window, in a depressed mood. The clouds started to surround the sky, but she felt like they were surrounding her. The clouds looked like thunderstorm clouds The thunder rumbled, as if the sky was hungry Hungry for trouble   She already knew it was going to rain; but it […]

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Blogging Awards Handed Out 2016!

Hey Bloggers! I am going to start giving blogging awards about once per 2 months, and this is my first one. Here are the nominees:     Best photographer: Through Open Lens . He takes awesome bird photos, and has the funniest captions!     Best supporting blogger: Cultivating Time. At once when she saw my blog from […]

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