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Is Your Talent Really a Talent?

If you have one talent, whether it’s fishing, drawing, or playing basketball, it needs to be treated correctly. Let me explain:     For example, I could say that I’m good at drawing (not to brag, but that statement isn’t wrong) , but what makes me good at it? What do I need to have in […]

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Is Popularity that Big of a Deal?

Hey Bloggers! Sorry I wasn’t posting for the last couple days. I am still sick with a virus that will not completely go away!! Anyways, the question of the day is: Is popularity that big of a deal? Lots of people are insecure and make friends instantly (even if the friends are not friends) . […]

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What if we all looked the same?

Really, what if we did look the same? This is another question of the day. We would see ourselves on the inside. If we judge people on the outside, then seeing yourself (other people), we would see on the inside. Let’s face it: we’d be bored. Looking at “ourselves” all the time would be very boring. Maybe we’d be […]

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What if there was No Color?

What would happen if we lived in a world that had no color?   This is the question of the day. What if there was no color in this wonderful world? There would be no interesting artpieces or illustrations. No one’s art would be as interesting. Paintings that were meant to display rainbows or a […]

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Who am I?

 Who am I? Who are you? These are questions that are sometimes asked. I made a poem that can tell you a little about me. I am a smart cookie I am a piece of art I am a tree I am nature I am Google I am technology I am discovered I am ideas […]

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Should I Blog?

Click click! You’re tapping away on the conputer wondering if blogging is for you. Blogging is a great start to writing. If you want to blog, here are some tips to get you started: 1- Make a daily schedule. For example, write daily or weekly so your readers can know and expect that you have a […]

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