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Chant for Plants!

August 14, 2015

    Imagine, you’re in your own garden. You are watering your plants and planting new ones. It’s one word: plants. They’re essential to our environment and life on Earth. I love plants because of these reasons:

– Emits oxygen from CO2 (carbon dioxide), which help our planet A LOT

– A lot of plants are edible (mint, basil, strawberries, rosemary, etc.)

– They’re biotic (alive and not for nothing)

– I love their green color

– Watch them grow from step 1 and see the differences between the beginning and end

– With trees you can build a treehouse, put a swing, and pick fruits

– Keeps you busy

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   Gardening is fun. Planting is so great for the Earth and there’s really no disadvantage to it. I encourage you readers and bloggers to try gardening. If you live in the northern USA, then it’s too late for gardening. If you live in Hawaii or Florida or tropical islands, it’s not too late to get your gardening on!

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