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Check out my “How often I post” Page

December 6, 2015

I recently made a page about when I post.


I figured last month I’d take a break from blogging, and I will post alerts if I know I won’t blog or take a vacation (another vacation would seem awesome) . I also already have posted my schedule for regular blogging. I’ll post it all on that page. So it won’t kill you to check it out, and plus you’ll know when I post. Also:

I got my 30th follower! The last time I posted about this was when I got my 15th follower. I celebrate when I get 15 more followers and post about it. So I’ll post again about this when I get my 45th follower. Wow! In only about 3 months I gained 15 more followers! I cannot wait to be more popular in my blogging career. If you’re a newcomer to my blog, check it out! You won’t regret it! 🙂

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      1. Well thankyou, you seem like a very supportive girl! I like to do my blogs for awareness and a good cause, to send that message. Recently, I have had more activity in my blogs, it makes me happy that people actually read what I have to say.

  1. Congrats on your achievement! I have been blogging for nearly three months, and I have nearly 60 followers. Just don’t forget why you’re writing! Followers are just a bonus 😉


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