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Clouds and newspapers=Yay! 

October 16, 2015

   I (and you know already) like to take photos. I also like to imagine things ,too. For example:

That little cloud is beging bullyed by the others (the little one in the middle of the surrounding circle) 


Looks like a tornado forming. 

Or my favorite:

Is that a hand trying to grab me? 

    As a photographer, I need to imagine things to understand them, or make use of them. To make it simpler, I am also an artist (I’ll explain in the next post). I can look at a coupon newspaper and say, Oh, just expired coupons. Or, I could say Wow! New inspiration! I can totally paint, draw, and mark who I am on this plain newspaper See what I mean? If you are a photographer or artist or even a historian, (a little advice) try to look at things and hints in different ways to get a better understanding of them. It helps a lot. 😉

Tell me what's on your inquisitive mind