We Should Have a Cup of Coffee Together

So, I am taking part in the Weekend Coffee Challenge (all the info. in the link!) and it’s basically about if you could go and have a cup of coffee with all of the viewers of your blog, what would you (all) do.

If I could have a cup of coffee with you all…

We’d all share our life experiences

We’d share all our wishes

We’d ask each other, “What’s your favorite color? Where do you come from? Why did you start blogging?”


If I could have a cup of coffee with you all…

We’d compare our heights, eye color, and hair

We’d then go to a fair

We’d also take a walk after if we dared!


If I could have a cup of coffee with you all…

We’d question each other which type of coffee is our favorite (I don’t like coffee *April Fool’s Day!! I love cappuccinos!*)

We’d additionally never quit (drinking coffee!)

We’d tell jokes with such wit!


Ok, that was my verse about what we would all do together.

But it really would be cool if we could all meet together. We’d get to know each other personally. And some people who have blogging or social media accounts choose not to show their real face (like me) just for privacy, and you can’t see the person’s face. We can only guess what people look like on the internet (unless you know that person/people personally) Oh, and we’d go here.(who doesn’t like coffee in New York?)

It would give us a chance to all meet each other in person, not how we all see each other in the internet world.



  1. The place you picked out looks amazing! I love how you wrote this piece, it’s beautiful!

    1. Thank you!

  2. You are such a inquisitive writer 🙂

    1. Thanks 😀

  3. […] But I don’t spend 2/3 of my time doing lego and building new designs. Like I built a coffee shop (maybe we could have coffee there!) […]

  4. What a cool concept. Might have to do a post like this too.

  5. Sometimes I think the same thing. It would be nice to meet the bloggers whose posts I so enjoy.

    1. Yeah, it changes the whole perspective of your bloggers

  6. Lovely thoughts. Do you think you ever really would meet up with blogging friends for coffee? Or do you value your privacy too much to let your blogging come into your offline life?

    1. Nice questions. Yes, it would be nice to meet my readers on an occasion. But it’s very very very rare to see them because (a) they live far away from me and (b) I almost never go out for coffee.

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