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Dangerous Social Media Apps

June 29, 2015

There are many dangers in social media, which are these apps. These are some apps that can be dangerous:


 Snapchat is an app where you post these texts and images called “snaps”. After about a couple seconds, the text or images “vanishes”. It is the #1 app for sexting because kids think the images will actually vanish. But no, someone can take a screenshot of the picture and keep it. Monitor your kids while they use this app.


 Whisper is an app where you connect with strangers and post secrets about each other. So many kids can get addicted with this app. Many sex offenders are on this app to harass children. Many kids think that it’s more safe to share secrets with strangers then to friends.

Kik messenger

 Kik messenger is a texting app. You get to text for free and there are no limits to the characters in a text. But there are many in-app purchases and ads. And your child can meet strangers online. Check what your child posts on the app.


 Tumblr is a microblogging app where you get to blog or post by using text, picture, video and so on. You can find blogs and follow them. Anyone can see your teen’s blogs. But porn is very common and easy to find. You know you don’t want your child to find and see porn online. It is possible to make a private blog but you would have to create a second account that is password-protected. And many people like to reblog and copy what other people write on their blogs. Even your teen might want people to reblog their blogs. But would you want to see your teen’s posts on another person’s site?


 We all know what Instagram is by now, a site where people post pictures, 15-second videos, and regular texts. Instagram can be public or private. It would be suggested that for now, it would be best to switch to private, but you’re the parent. You decide if your child is mature and old enough. Anyways, Instagram can be filled with pretty pictures, but also very bad people go on that site and can hack into your child’s account if it’s public or private. Make sure your password is safe and secure. Also, there can be harsh language on Instagram and people posting inappropriate photos and videos.


 Vine is an app that is owned by Twitter and you can post 6-second videos. These videos can be harmless, funny, and well thought out. But there are many inappropriate videos and explict content. For example there was once the “Fire Challenge”. The #FireChallenge was when teens posted videos of themselves setting themselves on fire. I’m really not kidding. They would stay next to a water resource to quickly wash off the fire. But it doesn’t matter how you were set on fire, it can still do serious damage to skin. Try to watch out for Vine


 Keek is a video-sending app where there are NO privacy setting or parental controls, There is inappropriate content all over this app. This app is NOT for kids. Keep them away from it.


 Tinder is a dating app. It is not for kids. Like Keek, keep them away from it.

There can be many other apps that are guaranteed to be dangerous so monitor what your children do online.

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  1. Vine…that was forever ago! (Seems like it anyhow!) Fun to look back at how things have and haven’t changed! Congrats on 3 years and going strong on your blog!

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