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Dinner or DIY?

July 25, 2015

Yeah, it’s a Friday night and you’re with your kids, mate, or family. You’re deciding- go out to dinner, or DIY for the dinner. I’ve been out to dinner a couple a times, give or take a few. Well, here are some excellent restaurants and diners to go to:

– Friday’s, a great diner to go to, especially on Friday. It’s great for families and friends ,too. But, there is a bar suited only for 21 or older in the middle of the diner. It has very cheap kids’ meals. I wouldn’t suggest to go there often (like every third day) because you can get fat very easily if you go there too often. But who goes to a restaurant every day? Am I right or am I right ;-)?

– Outback. Named after the popular desert in Australia, The Outback. One of the best restaurants I have ever went to. Has great kids meals and adult meals ,too.

– The Coach, the most expensive restaurant I have ever went to. Even though it’s pricy, the kids can have the breakfast menu at dinner!

– Red Lobster, again one of the best restaurants I have every went to. I had a window seat, with my family eating lobsters. Oh yeah…

– Hibachi (although every time I go, it makes me want to throw up), it’s a buffet where you choose from fruits, vegetables, meat, Chinese and Japanese food, etc. I’m so sorry, I can’t talk about this buffet or I’m going to throw up. And there’s tables and waiters with water already on the table. How convenient.

DIY, to make dinner @ home.  Most of the time, I like to make dinner at home because it costs less than going to a restaurant. If you don’t have any ideas, do some research online. Or go to Pinterest to look up some cool recipes. Or buy a cook book, to go old school. Plus, cooking with the family can be fun. In my opinion, going out to dinner is normal about once or twice a month. You need to get out sometimes, not always stay in. Enjoy!

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