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Does Age Really Matter?

December 26, 2015


Does age really matter? Well, it depends in what situation you’re in.

Love. Nope, not really. Your mate can be 48, but you can be 29. Of course, the older the person, the wiser s/he is. But, age can matter in some situations. If you’re 21, and your date is 88, that is a really big age difference. It is highly likely that people will not date eachother with at least a 40 or 50-year age difference. But, what really confuses me is when an older guy is with a younger girl, it’s alright. But when the woman is older, it’s suddenly a problem. I seriously do not get that. What? We can date whoever we want!

Jobs.  When you’re getting a job, age still doesn’t matter too much.  If you’re veteran to the job, age then doesn’t matter. You can be 12, and you can help with climate change, because you’re aware of it. But still, kids aren’t allowed to sign up for jobs until 14. But those jobs aren’t political or having to do with science at the age of 14. In fact, you’re still learning science in high school.

Social Media. In most social media sites, they require you to be at least 13 or older (but Facebook requires 18 or older) It’s never smart to reveal your age on social media unless it’s a private account with people you know personally. But some people already reveal their ages on social media with photos and language. With blogging, it’s a little different. You can’t “decorate” your Instagram page with colors and “Welcome to my page!” in bold letters. You know, unless you’re a photographer who takes eye-catching pictures.

But I never really reveal my age in social media, not just because of safety. If I reveal my age on my blog, people might think differently of me. But many people reveal their ages already on their blogs, as I can see. Obviously with photos of themselves, but the style of their blog and their language used on their blogs. For example, if you are a female teenager writing a blog, you might use words like “like” and “totes” a lot, and might not even realize it. I also took a mental age quiz, and it said my mental age was 16-21. Which means, a young adult who likes to have fun and enjoy life (which is totally like me!) Age is very important to social media. 

So in some situations, age does matter. But sometimes it doesn’t. Besides, age it just a number.


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  1. It’s an interesting one !!
    I think that people underestimate others because of their age..
    they think you’re less capable of achieving something because you’re too young or too old..
    But age is just a number.
    It’s the mentality and the maturity that matters.
    You’re wise and interesting and talented ! So it doesn’t matter if you’re 15 or 60.
    You’re the same person☺️

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