What are the Pros and Cons of Fall and Winter?

Hey Inquisitive writers! Today I will be doing a blog collab with Clare! We will be discussing the pros and cons of fall and winter *. We actually like talking about the pros and cons of different things. I will be talking about the pros of Fall and the cons of Winter. Clare will be talking about the cons of Fall and the pros of Winter. We are going to express our personal opinions in these pros and cons. 



What are the pros of fall?

I think the pros would be drinking pumpkin spice lattes, crocheting hats and scarves (yes, I like to make hats and scarves), and starting to wear sweaters. Other pros being that the leaves turn red, orange, and yellow (which make great pictures), a break from the summer heat (especially here in NJ), and that feeling that snowy weather is coming. 

I like drinking pumpkin lattes, too! We don’t share a lot of similarities about the pros of Fall, but everyone has their own reasons why they like Fall!

Agreed! So what are dreaded the cons of Fall?

When the leaves fall off the trees it’s really sad-looking, the temperature drops very cold very quickly, it’s cold out, and you have to pack away your summer clothes  (which takes a very long time)

Ugh! Yeah I hate it when the weather gets too cold!

Ok, let’s move onto winter.❄️  ⛄



The pros of winter are that you can go sledding, snowy weather, building snowmen, drinking hot cocoa, and taking cool pictures. 

Sledding brings up a fresh memory for me…once I went sledding with a relative on a really steep hill and when the sled stopped, I flew off and did a backflip!

That’s a really funny story! Glad you didn’t get hurt! Let’s move one to the cons. 

The cons of winter would definitely be chapped lips, dry hands, the temperatures dropping in the negatives, and catching colds and viruses. I get sick mostly during wintertime. 

Winter is still fun, though. 

Sure…🤔  Well it was fun doing these pros and cons with you!

You too! Bye!

So these were the pros and cons of Fall and Winter! Can you think of more pros and cons of a these seasons? Which season do you like better? Should we do another collab?

 *the pros and cons mostly apply for places that receive equal amounts of each season.
  1. What a fun way to blog!

    I run too hot all year long, so late Fall and Winter are the only times of the year where I feel comfortable in my own skin, so to me everything about those months are pros haha 🙂

    I’d love to collab like this with you sometime if you’re ever down for it!

    1. Thanks! And yeah, maybe sometime.

  2. Which theme is this? Your site is gorgeous, your work is amazing! I love this post. I have no words. Great job! This is something you should be proud of.

    1. Thanks! I have the Scratchpad theme.

  3. This was such a great idea for a post! I love winter and fall, but after your post I might we taking a cold shift to winter. 😊😊

    1. Thanks! We always talk about the pros and cons of things and we thought it would be great in a blog post.

      1. I know. I will use this pros and cons once in a blog post!! It really is interesting.

  4. Fall is my favorite season so it doesn’t have any cons for me. I actually think seeing the process of life, as the leaves begin to wither, is beautiful. The weather is gorgeous and I’ve never had a pumpkin spice latte but they smell divine.

    1. That’s a great point of view!

      1. Aww thanks 🙂 a philosophy class that I took helped me develop it.

  5. I personally love fall because of all the vibrant, beautiful colors. Thanksgivings is in fall and it’s coming up! I can’t wait for all the good food!

    1. Yeah, Thanksgiving is a great holiday.

      1. Happy Thanksgivings everyone!

        1. Aw thanks you ,too.

  6. Neat! Yes… I don’t know which I like better, winter or fall. Probably fall…

    1. Thanks! I can’t even say which season is better!

  7. Nice doing the collaboration with you! We should do it again some time!

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