Fall is here!

September 25, 2015

Yes folks, fall is here! Fall is such a great time, especially in NJ.


I like Fall. I just love that it’s in between summer and winter. Summer is too hot, and winter is too cold. I live in NJ, so I get equal shares of each season. Did you know that Pennsylvania, New York, and NJ are the only states that get equal shares of weather?

I also like wearing boots and sweaters in fall. The leaves are changing colors, to that warm, autumn color. Spring and fall are (what I like to call) the “middle” seasons. In between two extreme seasons.


I also love fall photos. What is your #fallphoto? My new trend #fallphoto is people taking photos of fall. For example trees, pumpkins, boots, etc. I will show my #fallphoto when the trees start changing colors in NJ. The leaves (apparently) are still green. About 1/8 of the leaves fell off an average tree. So I will present my #fallphoto in a post and will spread the word on other blogs to link back to this post. Pass this post on! Show me your skills!

Rules for #fallphoto

1- Must be a photo YOU took. I (and other people) want to see photos you took

2- The photo has to have something fall-related to it. For example, wagons, scarecrows, trees, fall flowers, etc.

3- When you insert your photo, share it in a post and link back to my site OR comment on this post linking to your #fallphoto post so I know you participated

4- Pass it on! Many people want to see your awesome fall photos

5- Have fun! 🙂

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