#Fallphoto is on!

September 27, 2015

Ok, you know my previous post, Fall is here! Well if you read it, than you would know I put up a trend called #fallphoto. All the information you need is down below this post


Anyways, I got already a couple of bloggers on board. These bloggers are Through Open LensThe Thought CardRoamwildandfree, and I’m pretty sure The Inspriation Shots. These bloggers take good photos and a couple like fall. I didn’t post my #fallphoto yet because the tree are still green!! But some already had some leaves fall off. It’s like the trees are going through puberty. 😂 🌳

I just wish that the trees would turn that orange, red, and yellow look 🍂🍁. I would be able to take good photo with my phone (and also send them to Pinterest)

Also this may be happening to other bloggers, but my sharing buttons aren’t showing for some reason. As I said, this is happening to other bloggers ,too. I told that to WordPress, and they said they will fix the problem soon. 

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