From an Artist’s Perspective

August 19, 2015

I’m an abstract artist who does…well abstract art! Abstract means you can give that piece of art any name you want. For example, if you see a blank canvas with a large, red triangle at the bottom and a small, yellow rectangle at the top. What is it? Again, you can’t give it a name. It can be anything someone pictures in their mind.

I have made collages, my M.I.N.I. Arts, and painted on a canvas. You can also see my art board on Pinterest for more of my art projects. My M.I.N.I. Art Projects are art on index cards. M.I.N.I. stands for Miniture Illustrations of Noisy Imprints. That means that the art is mini, they’re illustrations, and by “noisy” I mean it has explosions and meanings and signs, and by “imprints”, I mean prints in the design.

This reminds me of those super colorful yoga pants

 I found the symbol in the center in my eraser. 

I stapled the index card

An erupting volcano. I was mad that day.

Sea shells glued to form an arrow.

Using the very tip of my fingerprints to make this print.

Coloring in the whole card with a multitide of colors, covering it with black paint, and using a coin to make the design!
     I working on a new project that even blew my mind: save pencil and crayon shavings and glue them on paper or a canvas. It would be so colorful! I just love being different in art.

Tell me what's on your inquisitive mind