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How to EASILY get more blog comments

July 12, 2017
  • Hey Inquisitive writers! So, are you wanting more blog comments? Doesn’t every blogger want comments on their blog post?

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To be honest, I guiltily like it when I get notifications when I get comments on my blog. It means people valued my post enough to comment on it. But here I’m going to show you how to get more comments, easy-peesy. Although there are other ways to try to get more comments (like essentially growing your blog), that would indirectly get you more comments, but that’s for another post.

get more blog comments

1: Ask direct questions at the end

If you read my blog, you might’ve noticed that I ask questions at the end of my posts. Note how I almost never just ask “What do you think?” or “What are your thoughts?” because those questions are too vague and could relate to anything. I always ask questions that relate to the post, so I can target the reader that’s reading the post.


2: Fix your comment section

Can your readers even comment on your post? I’ve read some blogs, and then I couldn’t comment on them, or I would get a warning message if I tried to comment. To check if your readers can comment, log out of your account, and try to comment on one of your posts. If it works, great! If not, try to fix it ASAP, so your readers can comment on your blog.


3: Actually reply to your comments

One of my pet peeves of blogging (and I’m pretty sure many other people can relate) is when people don’t reply to my comments on their blog. This will keep me (and other potential followers) away from your blog in the future, because I took the time to put a nice comment on your blog, and you don’t say a simple “Thank you.” I talk about this more and other things like that to avoid below ↓

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4: Consider writing about debatable topics

I sometimes write about friendly debatable topics on my blog. But why? I like giving my opinion on certain things, and it gets me many comments from people with similar or different views. I honestly like debate! My most recent post about a debatable topic is down below ↓

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5: Try guest posting

If you guest post on a blog with a lot of readers, it can attract a new audience to your blog, therefore there is a high chance for more people to comment on your blog. It’s basically a win-win situation, you get to promote your blog, and the blogger who’s allowing you to guest post gets a break from blogging. I’ve tried guest posting a couple of times, and I can say that it works if you do it with a blogger with a lot of readers. 

So, did this post help you in any way? Do you have any tips to get more comments?

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Getting more blog comments

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  1. Great tips! I’d add take part in comment threads as well, they’re great and I’ve found so many amazing blogs through them that I wouldn’t have found before. I’ve always been fortunate in that my blog’s always done well, comment wise. I do most of these things you mention; I always ask a question at the end of my post and I ALWAYS reply to my comments. I always have done and I just feel guilty if I don’t haha! xx

  2. thanks for the advice! Until now I never really thought about the number of comments, likes or followers, but now I think it’s interesting to find out what your engagement is. This post was very helpful <3

  3. These are all good pointers. Honestly, I have seen that asking questions– wether it be open ended or specific– be very successful in creating engagement from the audience. Combine that with a debatable topic and the notifications won’t stop. Thank you for the great tips. (:

  4. I was just thinking about comments when I came across this post XD! Great tips ! I HAVE to try all of them! (cause let’s be honest we all like getting comments XD) xxx

  5. I feel the same way about comments! I definitely value them more than simple “likes.” it makes me feel like I’m actually connecting with my readers 🙂

  6. Don’t worry. You’re probably not alone in feeling happy with notifications that you got a comment. 😉 I feel the same way. I feel like when another blogger takes some time to comment on my blog that my writing created an impact.

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