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Hey Inquisitive writers! So it’s been two years since I joined WordPress, and I still haven’t had any guest posting on my blog, so I thought I would give the opportunity to my readers.

So what is guest posting? Guest posting is when you allow other people to write on your blog. It’s beneficial, because the blogger gets access to a whole new set of readers, and the person who is having that guest post on their blog gets a break from blogging I used to guest post on other blogs (but I’m trying to find new blogs to guest post on) because it really does gives you an opportunity to reach a whole different audience – directly. So, as I said before, I thought I would give the same opportunity to my readers.

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Topics include blogging tips, writing (writing tips, poetry, etc.), lifestyle, travel, DIYs, and other things. If you would like to guest post on my blog, please fill out the form below. Do not put your actual guest post in the text boxes. The guest post can be something that you wrote on your blog before, or it can be something new that you whipped up. Also, don’t forget to put your email address so I can email you back with more details when I receive your submission!


Do you accept guest posts on your blog? Have you guest posted before?



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