Hello Aruba!

I am back from Aruba! I had such a great time. 

When I got back from the airport, all I saw was lines. But it was so organized, though. A person gets their ticket, and goes in the taxi. It looked more crowded than New York City! The taxi drove me to the front desk (which is actually a one floor building) and the driver helped me with my baggage.

I had to check in with the front desk. I saw refreshments and wondered if I should take one. I figured out they were free. In the USA, nothing is free. Your money just flies away 💸. I wasn’t quite used to this. Obviously, I was going to take advantage. I took a lemon water drink.

I took a shuttle to my hotel room. A shuttle looks like a golf cart, but it’s longer and has more seats. I even saw one that runs on solar power! Did I mention that Aruba is very windy? Riding in the shuttle made it even MORE windy. I got to my hotel room, and the first thing I noticed was the big bed. I laid on it, and it was so comfy. I started to unpack my things. I have an ocean view from the terrace. Then, I started to pack for the beach.

I went to Aruba 4 years ago, and the beach looked very different. It shrunk! I learned that it happens every 4 years. The waves erode the beach, then deposits the sand back again. I had such a great day. I collected a lot of beautiful shells. I just love that the sand is bacteria-free, unlike the NJ sand.

I ❤️ Aruba!

The seagulls were diving in for lunch

Aaaaaa, the sand feels so good between my toes. Oh wait, I’m in my living room.

  1. Oh so jealous I am experiencing such wanderlust right now

    1. That’s ok…we all get our chance to travel!

      1. Oh that’s no doubt I travel a lot but just suffering from island fever right now

  2. Wow, those photos are amazing!

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