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August 18, 2015

Do you shop often? If you answered yes, than you might want to read this.

Shops like Walmart, Stop & Shop, TJMaxx, or other stores have plastic bags that carry your goods. Plastic is very important to our generation. Plastic takes long to break up, actually it could take up to 1,000 years! It’s cheap and durable. We use plastic for playground slides, cups, sunglasses, and more. The bad news is sometimes plastic can get stuck in the ocean and the underwater creatures might think it’s food and swallow it. If not, the plastic bag break apart into millions of pieces and becomes known as “ocean confetti”. The cause of this is the strong sunlight and being torn apart by waves and rocks. Because plastic is so durable, the small bits don’t go away. This can lead to many other problems in the ocean.

Using reusable bags decreases the chance of choking an animal. And plus they come in oodles of styles to match your taste! They usually only cost $1. That’s less than a lottery ticket.



Courtesy of my computer (it’s so hard to take photos on a computer)

I love these bags. I bought the first one at TJMaxx and the second one I discovered in the closet.

    There is really no reason to not get reusable bags. So do your part and help the world a little bit.

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