How to do (Splattered!) Messy Crayon Art

January 25, 2016

Since you all know in my tri-state area (NJ, Pennsylvania, NY) that a monster storm blew yesterday and the whole winter was covered in a weekend!! I had that time to try an awesome crayon project. But it didn’t work out as expected. Here’s the photos of what was supposed to turn out: 


But this is how mine turned out:




I was searching Pinterest for more DIY ideas I could try, and I clicked on the link of the picture above, and I actually figured out I had to press another link to actually get to the original website it came from. It didn’t actually give a lot of detail on how to actually do it, but it did mention that depending on the speeds you use (like medium and high) it affects the crayon effects on canvas. I always used the “high” speed and my project looked like watercolors, which is what my project turned out as. But the instructions didn’t say was how to hold the crayons near the fan. I actually didn’t anticipate of what could’ve happened, but, hey, this was my first try. At least it’s original in my own little way.

So you will need:

  • A hairdryer
  • Crayons of distinct colors (or similar colors but it won’t give off much of eye-popping sensation)
  • A canvas (but if you are doing this the first time, you should start off with paper)
  • Make sure your area has a place with an outlet to work comfortably
  • LOTS OF NEWSPAPERS because (I learned from my mistakes) the crayon mess will get everywhere
  • A large area to work with cause of all the crayons splattering everywhere


1: Put all newspapers around you and make the area clear of pretty much anything so it’ll be easier to work with. Gather your crayons and plug in your fan. Take the wrapper off your crayons until they’re naked. Turn the fan on the “hot” setting and and set the speed to “high” . Put the front of your crayon in front of your fan about an inch or two away. Make sure your hand is out of the fan’s way so your hand doesn’t get burned. Let the melted part of the crayon splatter all over your paper, because that’s how the pattern is suppose to be. Also make sure to cover a majority of the paper the for the first crayon, because the other colors will cover it.


2:  Your crayons will probably look like this:


Or this:



Or this:


And that’s completely normal! It’s all part of the melty crayon project. Repeat same pattern with all crayons. Make sure that the same amount of each color should be included unless you want it another way. Let project dry any surface because wax drys very quickly. Your project will become curled at the edges so put paperweights on all four corners. I used sparkly crayons (that I never use to draw!) for this project because I thought it would have a cooler effect.


Hope you have time to complete this fun and awesome project! P. S. , the more people working on it = the more fun.



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