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I Can Predict the Future!

April 12, 2016


Ok, so I entered in the Future Photo Challenge contest from the Daily Post. I know this is weird that I’m posting on a Tuesday, but you can check out my “How often I post” page to see when I usually blog. You basically take a photo relating on something that will happen in the future. It’s required that you enter one photo, but I took so many spring photos beforehand, I just wanted to incorporate all of them!

Oh, the future part you ask? Well, even though spring is “technically” here in NJ, it still feels like winter in the morning. I mean, a couple days ago, I thought it was going to rain in the morning, but I go back inside and after 12:00 the sun comes out! No one knows what to wear at this point (me included)

Alright, I got sidetracked. So these photos represent the real spring and summer coming to NJ. The real feel of spring. Short sleeves, shorts, sandals, (more like summer) and other short clothing.

One of the main reasons I love spring is because I wish to see a girl riding her bicycle in a huge parking lot, and someday across the world.

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