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I just joined Flipboard!

August 24, 2015

Flipboard Logo. (PRNewsFoto/Flipboard)

Yeah, I just joined Flipboard. In case you were wondering, Flipboard is a social news magazine. You can follow any topics you want. Nature, social media, bicycles, pretty much anything. Find me on Flipboard as Jo Smith (JoSmith4kn7).

Flipboard is available on the App Store, Windows Store (yay), and Google Play. It free for sign up and download (on the App Store and Windows Store, I’m not sure about Google Play). You can find Flipboard on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Flipboard was created in 2010. You can also connect your Flipboard account to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

I started to follow bicycle touring, nature, European travel, space, interior design, luxury lifestyle, DIY, social media, (and of course) WordPress. These are just random topics, right? So it proves Flipboard has quite a variety of topics. I tried to search “Pinterest” but there were no magazines for Pinterest.

Overall, Flipboard so far is a pretty well-thought-out social news magazine. I recommend it to people who want to read what they want, and also be on social media.

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