I’m going to Aruba (again) !


Aruba beach

One happy island (literally, that’s their motto). I’m going back to Aruba tomorrow. I’m going to take pictures and put them in my Pinterest board for Aruba. I will stay there 9 days. That means, I won’t be blogging for 9 days and enjoy my vacation. I haven’t been there in about 3 years. I’m so exultant to go back. Swimming in the pool, finding a red starfish, and go cycling. I’m bringing my helmet and I’m going to rent a bicycle and ride freely.

Since I live in NJ, it’s going to take 4 hours to get to Aruba by airplane. I need to bring some magazines and my red airplane pillow. I need to pack 9 days worth of clothes. And money. I plan to buy a shirt that says,”I heart Aruba” I just want to get there already!

  1. Have a great time! And enjoy some fun in the sun. You live in NJ? So close to me!

  2. Yeah I love Aruba too!

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