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Is Cycling for Me?

July 24, 2015

What kind of rider are you? A motorcycle, car, van, or a bicycle? I love to ride my bicycle about 3-4 times a week. It’s really fun! Why is cycling better than driving a car?

– No pollution

– Free parking

– No traffic

– Free exercise

– Bicycles come in many different colors to compliment your style

– You just can’t be sad while riding a bicycle, you just can’t

 Why is riding a bike a disadvantage?

– Banned to ride it on the highway

– Sometimes you have to carry a lot and the basket isn’t enough

– Can get too tired depending on the speed and distance

– Too many pedestrians

 Why is it important to know how to ride a bike?

– Not get embarrassed

– Cheer youself up

– Be proud and happy

– You can ride any bike (if it’s your size)

 What are bicycles useful for?

– Riding a short distance

– Ride the Tour De France

– Going shopping (without going overboard)

– Not wasting gas

– Ride BMX

Which bicycle is for me? There are many types of bicycles, tall bikes, fixies, mountain bikes, cruisers, etc. follow a flow chart online.

Happy riding 🚴 !

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