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Is Spring Here Yet?

February 28, 2016

This is a question I ask myself everyday. Is Spring here?! Spring is my favorite season of the year, because everything starts blooming. Tens of thousands of flower petals fall onto the road, leaving me and my bicycle to ride over them. This is a picture I took last year of the flowers on the trees:46b8fde43b98c4012383cfaadd592dbf.jpg

It was not a comfortable position getting under the tree, but it was so worth it 👍🏽👍🏽.  Winter is just the crap, because you never know when you need to turn the AC on, and it wakes you up IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT AND other reasons where I don’t need to go all caps. Winter forces me to wear the same clothes over and over again. Winter brings colds and viruses, and I just had a virus about a week ago. Winter brings clouds, which is no sun, which leads to unhappy days. If it’s sunny, I’m always in a bright mood. If it’s cloudy or rainy (NOT snowy) I’m in more of a dark mood. When spring starts, I will ride my bike whenever I can, and wear 75% of my clothing. Here’s a short poem that I wrote about spring:

Here it comes 

Spring is near

Here it is

Spring is here

Flowers and trees and starting to bloom,

Hurry and get out of your room!

I hear chirping out of my window,

I also hear my neighbor lawnmow

I see a biker without his shirt,

I seriously hope he doesn’t get hurt!

People are taking early vacations,

From all across the different nations!

I sure know that Spring will end,

But surely my sorrow will mend! 

Ok, I’m DONE. That is all the riddle that will come out of me. But that is literally what happens in Spring in NJ. See you in a couple weeks Spring!



Oh! Today’s Color Your World Challenge color is melon. Go pastel pink!

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  1. I’m not really a fan of spring because since everything starts blooming, I get so many allergies. It’s really warm here (like eighty-something degrees) in SoCal, so things are already peeking out. My asthma’s quite the wet blanket…sigh. Personally, summer’s the best because that’s the only time I don’t get asthma.

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