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Is technology destroying us?

November 7, 2016

Hey Inquisitive writers! I am being extra inquisitive today and I’m going to debate on this question: Is technology destroying us?

Well, is it? It depends on how you look at it. One way is that using computers for work or school, allowing to go paperless, to save trees and help the environment. Faster and smarter technology (ex., artificial intellegence) allows for less work to be done, saving time. iPads, iPods, Macs, and phones allow children to play games and have fun.

I know technology is great and all that, but really, is it? I once heard about a TV show where everyone in the world had a chip in their brain that accessed them to a network of ideas. If you don’t know how to do something, the chip “helps” you (more like doing it for you) and therefore you learn nothing. But there was this one guy who somehow didn’t have access to the network and knew how to do everything (because he taught himself) Suddenly, the network shuts down altogether and the guy teaches everyone how to do everything. It seemed kind of scary to me that those people relied on that network to know how to do something simple. It seems like these days people rely on social media or rely on the internet to do things, like socialize or do homework.

Another thing: Texting.Β When you text someone for example, is it different speaking with them face-to-face?The answer would probably be yes, because you can’t see the person’s face, emotions, hear their voice, or read them. Texting someone can be very indirect. Face time or call them instead. It’ll make a world of a difference.

It’s great that people use Instagram and Snapchat to share photos and videos. But it’s not great that people overuse it and use it when they can hang out with family and friends. Talk to people face-to-face. Connect with them. Socialize with them. It’s definitely better than looking at a screen.

So, what do YOU think of this topic? πŸ“±πŸ’»βŒšοΈ

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  1. I feel like technology can destroy an individual if they are overly addicted to their phone, tv, etc. But, I feel like technology is making our world better and more advanced. With technology, we are able to advance medical technology, military, etc. Great post, by the way!

  2. Hi Jo, this is one of the topic that I’ve wanted to blog about. I think that technology is a double edged sword – it makes live easier, more efficient and better connected, but it can also make us lazy, dependent and funnily enough, isolated. I think about how I used to be able to memorize my family and close friend’s phone numbers, but now I can barely remember my own! If I lost my mobile phone, I’m not sure how I would cope. So we need to be careful how we use technology.

  3. I just wrote a topic about technology on my blog and mentioned how overwhelming it can all be for our generation. In my opinion, we’ve won some with the current developments, but we also lost some. Nice post!

  4. Although technology is fun and yes we cannot get away from technology it will only get worse in my opinion. With devices such as Kettles and microwaves becoming wifi enabled it is more growing than ever. I cannot imagine how life would be in a 100 years (shame I wont be around!) but I feel for the kids who are constantly on their tablets playing games. During my age we used to play outside kick some ball, play cops and robbers, play different types of street games with the neighbors nearby. Now its either playing online video games or chatting on a social media, where I dont blame them as we do that too but I cannot see it getting better in the future. More technology means more vulnerabilities and cyber crime!

  5. Yes, technology can be fun & educational but it can also be addictive. Spending too much time on your devices does take away natural social abilities. However, technology is advancing at such a rate that it is hard not to use your devices and spend a good portion of your day doing something online. I remember being in college spending upwards of four hours a night online doing homework (after working all day). This went on for eight years & all the while my family had to wait which took away quality time.

    I believe that we cannot get away from technology because it improves too much too fast making it harder to escape. Something I learned to do well in college was to manage time & if we manage our “technology time” using when needed or setting personal time limits a balance could be achieved. It all falls back to the individual user on weather to allow technology to run their lives or not. It will destroy us if we allow it.

  6. I agree.Technology is not destroying us but the way we use it is what makes people addicted to technology.I have no limits and that means I don’t know how to stop using my technologies every time.I think in your next post you should post about how to stop using your technologies every time. πŸ™‚ Just giving you an idea. πŸ™‚

  7. I mean, technology is pretty talented. It’s helpful, annoying, slow, and a lifesaver all at once. It has different uses, and yes, I guess you can say that it’s slowly destroying us.

  8. I love technology and appreciate using devices that are smart and well designed. I think the key words are “I use” because I use them they don’t use me. I intend to keep it that way. Great post πŸ‘Œ

  9. The internet IS useful. The world cannot survive without it. I’m not talking about Teenagers I’m talking about EVERYONE. People’s jobs live off the internet and communicating between people. How would teachers share information? How would we research if we didn’t have a library nearby? It’s impossible because we RELY on it. Is that bad?

    The only aspect of the internet is bad is ADDICTION and OVERUSE. That’s all people do these days, phone, online, text, email. That’s it. So, technology IS helping us but we need to be careful about HOW we use it! Lovely topic..

  10. I agree with what you’re saying. I believe it can totally be overused and create a disconnect if you let it. it’s kind of a double edged sword, really lol becasue social media is so helpful, allowing you to stay up to date with people around the world, but it shouldn’t replace face to face interactions or even a phone call to those closest to us. also, that tv show!!! imagine, if (when) that becomes a thing! that’d be so scary!

  11. I have to agree that our communication technology has an observable downside. It alienates people. For example, I’ve seen five children in a room, purportedly playing–each child was quietly doing something on a computer or a smart phone. Not one child was talking or laughing with another.

    At a recent family get-together, I quickly noticed how we formed little groups. The older, more traditional folk talked. The younger techies were comparing apps on their cell phones. One loner was silently pecking away on his cell.

    As a teacher, I was horrified to see students consistently using their cell phones as dictionaries. The idea that “slow” is bad and “quick” is good.

    And process…for instance– writing is more on the “slow” side than “quick” side, and hence people tend to lose patience with writing a narrative. And reading! OMG, if it takes more than fifteen minutes, most folk won’t read a story. Our technology tends to move us away from holistic process, from gradual, experiential learning to Instagram!

    Another example is that many young folks can’t read a road map. Why would they have to? they have GPS. Therefore they often don’t “see” the world passing by. The same with the instant phone/camera. And I’m terribly guilty of that one myself. I have to literally force myself to just look at the view–not through my cell phone lens but with my eyes. sigh.

    There’s a lot of good with technology, but one has to wonder what lies down the road, say fifty years from now…or hell, maybe even next year!

    Good question and good post.

    1. Thanks for your comment! Totally agree on the writing thing, because I once saw in a magazine where when you’re tweeting something on Twitter, you should keep it short because if you don’t people don’t read it (rating is as t.l.d.r. too long, didn’t read) This just shows our short attention span.

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