Take a VIP Tour of My City!

May 23, 2017

Hey Inquisitive writers! So, as I promised before, I will show you a VIP tour around my lego city! Just don’t tell anyone though, because the limited time tour can only accommodate you. I told you it was a special offer (and at no cost to you)


Take a.jpg

When entering the city (there are three entrances) you are wowed with all of the colors that pop out at you. Walking is the best way to make your way around.


Come on! Don’t want to keep the tour group waiting!



tour group.jpg




An areal view of the city



This part includes the hair salon, hotel (which is still being worked on) the clothing store, and many people out n’ about



Wedding photos!

If you stop by at the hotel-in-progress, you can get a delicious pastry at the first-floor cafe. You can park your bike, take a seat, or eat outside.







If you’re booking a stay at the hotel, there are two room available (with a penthouse suite being built right now) The hotel even got 4.5 stars on Yelp!




Ok, I love the hotel, but we have to go on. There is a hair salon, clothing store, and farmer’s market nearby. 






mail store.jpg

See that big building in the background? Well, that’s the bakery/pet shop. You can see a full review on it here.

As you can see in the picture above, the postal office is being worked on. It’s basically a modular version of the LEGO Friends Heartlake Gift Delivery 41310.






be funky street.jpg

This street includes a music school, flower shop, bakery/pet shop, boutique/photo shooting station, and part of the postal office. 


The music school has three floors; it’s basically the LEGO Friends Heartlake High 41005.




Next to it is the flower shop. It was renovated a lot actually, compared to how it was before. 



flower shop.jpg

You can even have some tea outside during a break (if you work there, anyways).




I hope you enjoyed the tour around the city! There will definitely be more reviews travel posts in the future!

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    1. Thank you! Just checked it out, and I learned a lot of great facts about you! Thank you for nominating me, but I now have an award-free blog. Can I decline?

      1. Most certainly you can decline. That’s fine with me, too. I’ve pretty much been an award-free blog myself, but now am going to get one of those badges that says it up front.
        On one hand these awards are kind of handy for letting your readers know about other blogs they may enjoy. On the other hand they’re somewhat like chain letters, and I don’t like the part of obligating others to pass them on.

        1. I completely agree! I actually have a sign on my website that says “award free blog” . I found I was getting nominated, and I couldn’t keep up with all of them, and then my blog was clogged with award posts and I didn’t have a chance to blog what I normally would blog about.

    1. Thank you so much! I started to get the Friends sets in 2012, and I started thinking,”Why don’t I make it my own?” And then I still made MOCS (my own creations) for 5 years.

  1. Aw omg this is so cool! I love the flower shop; my sister owns a bunch of the lego friends sets, and I remember that we always had an excessive amount of lego flowers that came with everything, and we didn’t know what to do with them so we made a garden haha.

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