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Do we still need libraries?

July 11, 2018

Hey Inquisitive writers! So today I will be writing a controversial post with Isabella Hume so be sure to check out her post as well!

Well, do we need libraries? Of course we do! And there are many reasons that we should keep our libraries.


**My local library is also shutting down, so I wanted to do this topic to kind of vindicate it shutting down**


1. The books are free

Bought books can range from about $10-$20, which is kind of expensive if you want to read tons of books over the summer (like me) or for school/college. This means that anyone can take out any book that they choose to. It kind of levels the playing field. Also, many libraries have free internet access. So if you don’t have access to the internet, the library is the place to go.




2. It’s easy access

What I mean by this is that you can just conveniently drive or walk right over to your local library. I don’t know about you, but I do not have a Barnes & Noble bookstore near me, and I bet most people don’t either.

3. Reading programs

My mom told me that when I was a kid that she’d take me to many, many reading events in english and spanish. It would include story-times, read-a-longs, and more. There would also be author visits, and we would write our own stories. This motivated me to read and write more, and it became a passion of mine, which is showcased on my blog sometimes. The whole point is that parents can take their children to reading groups which prompts them to enhance and grow their passion for reading and writing.

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4. The library is for everyone

No matter what race, color, age, gender you are, there is probably a book for you in the library. We are all equal there.


So that’s my take on why we should keep libraries. Don’t forget to check out Isabella’s post as she gives a more academic side as to why we should save libraries.


Do you think we still need libraries or not? Do you like reading? When was the last time you read a book from the library?


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  1. YES! Libraries are AMAZING and I think that they need to be appreciated more! I absolutely love everything about them, the calm atmosphere, the seemingly endless bookshelves and the people around who are also passionate about reading! ❤️ Libraries are necessary! I definitely agree with you. Amazing post, Jo!

  2. I love libraries! To be honest, I probably spend five days a week in one. They are my creative space. I feel like I am surrounded by so many colorful ideas that are just waiting to be found. Also, it’s a such a quiet space to think…. Honestly, an hour or two in the librabry is always time well spent.

  3. From my college days to my days with pre-reading toddlers to my current days of parenting school-age kids, I have always loved the public library. It’s a community devoted to the written word–and more. I think it’s a necessary asset to an informed society, and it’s terribly sad when libraries close. Sorry about yours!

  4. I completely agree with everything you said!!! I’ve gone to the local library a couple times just to use their printers too, since we dont have one at home! Libraries are so much more useful and are such a resource for a lot of people.

  5. I definitely think we need libraries!! Things like fun reading or summer reading or even spontaneous reading couldn’t be possible without a library!
    Even though a lot of us don’t see it now, we depend on the library a lot.
    And like you said, not all of us have a barnes and nobles on hand, nor we want to spend money on books we’ll read probably once.
    Great post!

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