Mac or DELL?

July 11, 2015

 Now you’re going to purchase a new computer for yourself, your family, or for work. You’re trying to decide between two competitive companies, Apple Mac or DELL. Maybe you like the MacBook Air because of its operating system. Or maybe you like the DELL Windows design. Here are the Pros and Cons of both products:

Mac Pros

– MacBook Air has great portability with a thin, slim design

– Better, faster IOS operating system

– Has the App Store like all apple products so you can download apps easily

– Apple logo lights up when you open a MacBook

– iMac and iMac with Retina 5k display has a great and wide screen

– Apple was voted best selection and best service for computer retailers, according to the Consumer Report Buying Guide 2015

– Call from a Mac linking an iPhone 6 or 6+

– MacBook keys light up using whatever brightness you set

– iMessage and Facetime built-in, unlike DELL

– Apple Mac Laptop and Desktop had the least repairs out of every computer company

– MacBook Air is light, only around 2 lb

– Great sound quality

   Mac Cons

– According to the Consumer Reports Buying Guide 2015, Apple was voted the worst price in all Apple Computer Products


– Has built-in apps that Apple doesn’t have, such as News, Sports, Food and Drink, and more. Although, Apple will have a built-in News App in IOS 9

– Instead of apps on the home or start screen, there are little and big squares that change appearance every 5 seconds (depending on the square), which some people enjoy (like me)

– There are 3 Desktop pages, the home page, and actual desktop page, and the apps page. You can quickly access the desktop page and the apps page on the home page

– Buy apps in the Windows Store. Even some of the apps are free!

– On the home page, you get to choose a color and design in the wallpaper, likewise to Apple’s wallpaper but at the same time unlike Apple, you get to choose a color and a design

– Your profile shows on the home page and you get to choose a photo for your profile

– There’s a DELL Shop App to personalize your DELL product

– Good price range


– Very poor operating system/can be very slow sometimes

– Portability: bad

– Weight: heavy

– Sometimes the wi-fi can turn off by surprise (and I swear, the wi-fi cables are plugged in and airplane mode is off) then I have to turn it back on again. It wastes time

– The screen has a likelihood to freeze

– To watch YouTube videos, sometimes the volume is way up high (like 98) and it isn’t on mute, there’s barely a sound coming out

– Thick, bulky design

You make a the decision between the Mac or DELL, whatever suits you 🙂

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