Another Round of Washi, More Washi DIY Ideas to Keep You Busy

June 11, 2016

Hey bloggers! Jo here. So, I have another round of Washi ideas I’d like to share with you all. Missed the first one?  Click here to go to the first editon of washi tape. These are just a couple of ideas I found on Pinterest, and some I made up myself. Fyi for some of these projects it’s ok to use duck tape but it’s just harder to cut with. 
For all of these projects, you’ll at least need:

– Washi tape

– Scissors

– The item you will washi tape

1: Coaster. Have coffee stains on a coaster? Or can’t stand your coaster falling apart? Just have some washi, creativity (or read this post),  and you’ll be good to go. Take your washi tape and stick it across the coaster letting some of it lay over the coaster’s border lines.

After you place the tape on, just cut around the coaster.

2: Mint box. I saw variations of this on Pinterest, but since I didn’t have a tiny mint box with me, I just used an old gift card box.

You’ll need (additionally):

White Paint

Fan brush and/or regular brush

First, paint the box white just in case so the box doesn’t show through. Then, just place the tape all over (but don’t do the inside!)

3. Flag

 Take about 2-3 inches of washi tape and cut it and tape both sides together evenly. Cut a little triangle at the end of the tape. Use these for special events or just for fun!

4. Flag line

 You will need some kind of long elastic band or any type of thin rope. Take your washi tape and make it into a flag(step number 3) onto the rope. Make each piece about 3 inches away from each other more or less depending on your style. Now just put your flag line somewhere high in a room (preferably a bedroom!) Trust me, it looks amazing afterwards!


5. Doorway.


Just use your washi tape and align it on the side of a door. If you’re really into washi, then do it on every door, with a different style or color of the washi tape.

6.  Jewerly box.

This jewerly box used to have Hello Kitty all over it. Yeah, I’m not into Hello Kitty anymore. Just washi tape it all around. Be careful of hinges and the things that stick out.

7.  Notepad

You’ll additionally need:

– White paint

– Paintbrush

Paint the whole outside of the notepad and wait until dry. Then washi tape on top of it!

These were 7 clever ideas on how to washi tape ordinary items. Go to the first addition for more ideas. Hoped you found them helpful!

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